Foods & Supplements That May Help Pets With Arthritis Pain

Pets with arthritis pain

Arthritis, which is an inflammation of the joints, affects a lot of pets. The pets experience pain and general unease, and stiffness as a result. When a pet has arthritis, the cartilage in its afflicted either changes or is severely damaged.

Damaged cartilage makes the pet’s joint less supple, which causes the bones in the joint to rub against each other. This can be extremely unpleasant or uncomfortable for the pet and could further harm the cartilage.

The injured joint becomes stiffer and more challenging for the pet to move because of the increased friction caused by the worn-down cartilage. Pain from arthritis can be reduced in dogs with the right foods and joint supplements.

Foods that may help pets with arthritis pain

Many food options can ease arthritis pain when eaten regularly by your pet. These include, among other things, celery, alfalfa, ginger, mango, papaya, blueberries, and kale. These ingredients can be blended to create juice or a smoothie and added to your dog’s regular feed. Your agro-vet may sell you pet food products with several food option formulations.

Some of the most popular foods for pets with arthritis include celery, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, apples, parsley, lentils, quinoa, carrots, and zucchini. According to a renowned veterinarian, the particular ratios of each item when creating a diet that combines all of these food categories are irrelevant as long as the ratio of two parts quinoa/lentils to eight parts fruits/vegetables is ensured.

To make the formulation, combine all the food ingredients in a sizable pot and then pour water over the mixture to cover each item completely. Once this has reached, boil it and let it simmer for about an hour, or until the quinoa and lentils are thoroughly cooked. To offer more protein, you might add cooked chicken. The resulting food could be fed to your pet as a supplement or in a substitute of the usual dry diet.


Supplements that may help pets with arthritis pain

The supplements that are now generating the most attention in the pet community because they can relieve arthritic pain in pets are listed below:


  1. Glucosamine hydrochloride

Glucosamine hydrochloride is an amino sugar reported to help pets with arthritis pain. Joint pills for dogs and cats containing glucosamine are the building blocks of cartilage matrix and stimulate the growth of cartilage cells. Glucosamine has the advantage of being easily accessible, inexpensive, and safe to use as a joint medication for dogs and cats.


  1. Chondroitinsulfate

Chondroitin sulfate cat and dog arthritis supplements work by inhibiting cartilage-destroying enzymes. Similar to glucosamine, chondroitin requires a loading time. When given together with glucosamine and before a joint injury occurs, it works synergistically with glucosamine to reduce any possible inflammation.


  1. Avocado soybean unsaponifiables

Avocado soybean unsaponifiables (ASUs) protect pets’ cartilage matrices against damage by blocking important mediators of the structural alterations that occur in osteoarthritis.


ASUs promote osteochondral repair in the pet’s knee, perhaps through boosting tissue levels of transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta. ASUs should be given based on the animal’s body weight, just like other over-the-counter treats for cat and dog arthritis pain management.


Need more help with foods and supplements for pet arthritis pain?

Knowing what foods and supplements to offer your pet to help ease the discomfort of arthritis is the surefire method to guarantee that your pet has a comfortable life, even as they age.


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