How to Fix YONO SBI SB001 Technical Error?

SBI SB001 Technical Error

State Bank of India account users can use YONO SBI to access financial products and services. 

The YONO SBI app lets users pay and receive money, check their password statement, and purchase online tickets. 

The majority of users are currently facing an SB001 issue in the programme, with messages like “SB001 Technical Error, Please Try Later” or “Sorry, we could not find any customers by mobile of the SIM you specified.” 

If you’re experiencing sb001 technical error in SBI YONO, keep reading to find a solution. 

How to Fix YONO SB001 Error? 

When a user logs in to the application or platform, they may receive the SB001 or Could Not find any customers problem. 

New patches fix the YONO sb001 technical error yono or customer fault. 

Clear Cache Data

Clearing cached data fixes most application difficulties. On an Android phone, erase the YONO SBI cache. 

  • SB001 Technical Error followed. 
  • Delete the app’s backdrop and close it. 
  • Open your phone’s Settings app. 
  • Apps > Manage Apps. 
  • Search for YONO SBI on the list and click it. 
  • Access App Info from the home screen. Long-tap the YONO SBI app and pick the I icon. 
  • Choose Clear Data and Clear Cache. 
  • After clearing cached data, reboot. 
  • After restarting, open YONO SBI. 

Check if the problem is fixed. If clearing the app’s cache doesn’t work, update or reinstall it. 

Update/reinstall it 

Sometimes clearing the cache isn’t enough. We must update the app or reinstall it on our device. 

Follow these steps to upgrade the YONO SBI app for Android and iOS. 

  • Check your phone’s Google Play or App Store. 
  • Type YONO SBI into the search box and hit search. 
  • Click Update to install a new version of the software. 
  • After app update, restart your device. 
  • After restarting, open YONO SBI. 
  • If updating or reinstalling the programme doesn’t cure the problem, reinstall it. 

How-to Remove YONO SBI. 

  • Open Google Play or Apple’s App Store. 
  • Find and reinstall YONO SBI. 
  • Launch the installed programme. 
  • If you have online banking credentials, choose Existing SBI Customer. 
  • Choose your account’s SIM card. 
  • Make sure your cell phone has enough money for texts. 
  • After choosing, click Next. 
  • Click Submit after entering your username and password. 
  • This section will text you a phone verification code. 
  • Next, enter the OTP. 
  • mPIN is required.

Now you may log into YONO SBI without error messages.

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