Fix The Error Of Rockspce WiFi Extender Configuration

Do you currently experience a WiFi connectivity issue? There are numerous approaches you can take to fix this connection problem. In this post, you will find the information you need to fix your problems, and then we’ll explain how to set up the Rockspace device. By using these suggestions as a guide, you may address this issue with ease. It is now time to begin.

Change The Location Of The WiFi Repeater

The location of the Rockspace WiFi extender also has a considerable impact on WiFi connection problems. Right now, moving your extender is something you should do, per our advice. As a result of this, the router’s WiFi signal is impeded. Therefore, keep your extender away from metal items, exterior walls, furniture, electronic devices, etc.

Switch The Rockspace WiFi Extender On And Off

The Rockspace WiFi extender’s power cycle is crucial for resolving this problem. It is a pretty easy way.


The Rockspace WiFi extender’s power plug needs to be removed from the wall socket first. After waiting for 30 seconds, hit the Rockspace extender’s off button. Turn on your extender after those few seconds to check if it functions as it should. Your problem now resolves as a consequence.

Upgrade The Extender’s Firmware

Another cause of connection issues is out-of-date extender software. You should update the extender’s software, as we advise. Use these guidelines whenever you don’t know how to upgrade an extender’s software.


  • Open a web browser first, then enter the website or IP address into the search field.
  • Using this IP address, you may then access the extender’s login page.
  • When you log in to the Rockspace extender setup page, you must then choose the administrative option.
  • An administrative option has a software upgrade option selected.
  • Next, look for the most recent software file on your laptop or smartphone.
  • After that, click it to install it. It will take a few minutes to upgrade the firmware on an extender.
  • During the upgrade, your Rockspace WiFi extender will reboot. Verify that the WiFi extender is not turned off.
  • Using this method, your connection is fixed at this time.


Note: We sincerely hope that this method resolved your issue with the Rockspace extender setup, but if it did not, try these additional fixes.

Do Reset The Rockspace WiFi Extender

You can reset your Rockspace WiFi extension in one of two ways:


  • Hard Reset
  • Factory Default Reset


Tip: If you need to learn more about the reset procedure, keep reading the tips below.

Do A Hard Reset of The Extender

Before beginning the factory reset of your extender, you must first do a hard reset. Apply these steps to a hard reset of an extender:


  • Start by taking off the plug from the extender’s power wire at the back.
  • Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to attempt to open the battery cover in order to take it off.
  • Now, take out the battery and put it in a safe place.
  • Next, insert a battery into a holder and confirm that it is there.
  • In order to use the extender, plug it into a power outlet and wait for it to turn on.

One-Button Rockspace Extender Reset 

It’s the simplest way to reset an extension, to put it simply. Use these steps when using this approach.


Find the reset button on the extender, which is normally located on the device’s back. Now put a paperclip into the opening of the reset button. Don’t press the button too hard or you can damage your extension. Press and hold the reset button for eight to ten seconds. Your extender will restart itself. After thirty seconds, turn your device on to check its proper operation.


Note: After the reset, you must configure the Rockspace WiFi extension once more. If you want to understand how to correctly set up a Rockspace extender, you need to stick to these guidelines.

Through WPS Setup Your Rockspace Gadget

WPS is the best method for configuring a Rockspace WiFi extender. The steps involved in using this technique are as follows:


  • Press the WPS button on the host router you are currently using to start a WPS pairing.
  • In this situation, a change in status should be indicated by the WPS LED light on the router.
  • The Rockspace extender’s WPS button should be pressed during the next two minutes.
  • The LED light on the extension will now firm after a short while.
  • Thus, a successful connection is made between a router and an extender.

By Web UI Setup Your Rockspace Repeater

Try re.rockspace.local if the WPS button on an extension isn’t functioning for you. Use this method according to these easy guidelines:


  • Your WiFi device must first establish a connection to the default network of an extender, Rockspace EXT. 
  • Second, enter re.rockspace.local in the browser’s address bar when your WiFi device connects to an extender.
  • During your initial login, you can select a username and password.
  • After selecting the SSID and password, choose the WiFi name of the present router.
  • Finally, you can use the extender’s LED color to help you identify the connection between the extender and router.


After reading this article, we hope you will be aware of the situation and know how to fix issues with the Rockspace extender setup.