Five Ways to Market Your New Store with Plastic Shopping Bags

After months of renovating and planning, the exciting moment when you see your brand-new store for the first time can leave you speechless. You might feel an eruption of emotions and excitement but also fear and anxiety about how you’ll market your new store and get customers through those doors. With so many brands fighting for visibility in a saturated market, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd with both old and new competitors. However, there are some simple ways to use everyday objects as tools for marketing your brand-new store. We all know plastic shopping bags are a great way to promote your business and leave an impression on potential customers. As a bonus, they’re also a fairly inexpensive way to immediately get started with this marketing technique.

Plastic Bags offer many benefits to your store and customers. These include keeping items clean and preventing shoplifting. You can also use them as product packaging or to hold things like car keys. These Plastic Shopping Bags are available in various colors, sizes, and styles. Select the best Plastic Shopping Bats for your store based on your needs and preferences. Plastic SOS Bags are convenient and economical for packaging gifts. Plastic Merchandise Bags are available in thin, thick, and frosted versions. T-Shirt bags are a convenient and economical alternative for all types of retailers. These totes are a less costly alternative to printed shopping bags and are suitable for delicate items. In addition to being convenient and economical, these large plastic shopping bags come in various colors and sizes. These bags will give your establishment a unique appearance. Wave frosted shoppers possess a distinct handle. Due to its particular grip, the handle makes your shop stand out. Printed Frosted Shopping Bags are preprinted with patterns on them.

Change the font color of your bags

If you’ve used plastic shopping bags in the past, it may be a good idea to change the font color of your bags to suit your new store better. This color change can be a subtle reminder to shoppers that you’ve recently opened a new store. This also means that potential customers who have received your bags in the past will be reminded that you have a new location. If you’re a chain store with several areas, adding a strip of color along the bottom of your bags may be helpful to signify the specific location. This can be helpful for customers who shop at your other locations.

Print your logo on the bags

Another way to keep your brand and logo at the forefront of shoppers’ minds is to print your logo on your plastic shopping bags. This is an easy way to ensure that no one walks away from your store without remembering your brand. This can also help ensure you don’t inadvertently create negative impressions of your brand. If someone walks away from your store without seeing your logo or brand name, they may not remember where they purchased their groceries. This is especially important if opening a new store in a popular shopping district. You want to make sure your bags stand out from the crowd. Printing your logo on your bags can help with that.

Use clear, bright photos of your products

You can also use clear, bright photos of your products on your bags for advertisement. This can help remind customers of the specific products they saw in your store and inspire them to purchase these items again. This can be especially helpful for perishable products that shoppers may only regularly purchase once weekly or monthly. Including photos on your bags can help ensure that these items are always fresh in shoppers’ minds.

Provide a promo code or offer for new customers

Another great way to encourage customers to shop at your new store is to provide a promo code or offer for new customers. You can include this information on the bags you hand out or put it on the bottom of your bags. This can help ensure that shoppers who receive your bags are also reminded of your new store and location.

Hand out delicious samples of new products

Another great option for adding products to your bags is to use tastings or samples of new products. You can add samples of your most popular products or items from new or seasonal products to your bags. This can help get customers excited about your products so they’ll be more likely to buy them when they get home. It can also help to inspire people to come back to your store to purchase those products regularly.

Final Take

If you use plastic shopping bags for your business, you know just how important they are. Not only do they provide a convenient way for customers to carry their groceries, but they can also help you market your business. There are many ways to use shopping bags to help promote your business. You can change the font color, print your logo, use bright photos of your products, provide a promo code or offer for new customers, and hand out delicious samples for new products.