Five Reasons Why You Need A Car Phone Holder

Smartphones have become a significant part of our everyday lives. They are indispensable, and we cannot live longer without having these smartphones. Not only are smartphones great sources of entertainment, but they also connect us with people around the world through internet, allow us to conduct business transactions, etc. They also are equipped with a navigation system, which encourages drivers to use the smartphone while driving. But doing so while driving can be dangerous and strictly prohibited. The best solution to this issue is to use an intelligent infrared car phone holder. In this post, we will share some strong reasons to use this amazing phone accessory.

Helps to avoid distractions when driving

Did you know around 90% of road accidents occur because of distractions? There are many reasons behind distractions, and navigating the phone is one such reason. With the car phone holder in place, you can still use your smartphone without getting distracted when driving. This ultimately helps you drive with more focus and safety.

Hand-free calls

It can be very inconvenient to talk over the phone while driving. But when you have a car phone holder in place, you can do hand-free calls. It is important to drive safely, which is why using the car phone holder is extremely important. This is one of the major reasons why car phone holders are important to have.


Long drives can be boring for many of us, so having some entertainment is vital to stay away from feeling drowsy. While driving, whenever you feel like listening to music, audiobooks, and podcasts, it can be difficult for you to use your phone. Using the car phone holder, you can comfortably use your phone for audio entertainment to keep yourself entertained.

Phone charging

Since the phone is used for multiple purposes like navigation, listening to audio and podcasts, the phone tends to deplete faster. At times, you don’t have time to charge your phone or don’t find a charger when you are away from your home for a few days. Some car phone holders have charging features, meaning the phone is charging on the go without interrupting the entertainment. Wireless Charger Car Phone Holder for Iphone is the perfect instance of it.


It has become extremely important to use the navigation to get directions without relying on any stranger. In general, smartphones are used for navigation, but it is very inconvenient to look at the phone over again and again while driving for navigation purposes. It can be distracting for anyone and lead to unsafe driving. With a car phone holder in place, it will be easier to navigate for you without distracting yourself as the phone will stay in front of you on your car dashboard.

Types of car phone holders

Now you know the importance of having the car phone holder. While exploring the collection of car phone holders, you will come across a range of car phone holders. Basically, there are three different types of car phone holders that include air vent car mount, dashboard car mount, and windshield car mount.

    • Air vent car mount– It is the most convenient car phone holder that allows you to drive carefree while your smartphone remains in front of your eyes all the time while driving. It features a magnetic plate attached to the phone’s back and sticks to the vent securely.
    • Dashboard car mount– Like an air vent car mount, it also has a magnetic plate attached to the back of your phone. It has an adhesive that helps the car phone holder to attach to your dashboard.
    • Windshield car mount– It features an arm stand that strongly holds your phone. It sticks to your dashboard, windshield, or similar surfaces with its adhesive gel pad. Its adjustable arms allow fixing your grip around the phone. The best thing is it is washable and can be easily removed to clean or charge the place.

The final take

A car mount or car phone holder is a very useful accessory to have while driving. Ensure you have a high-quality car phone holder from a reputed brand so that your phone is securely attached to the surface and allows you have safe navigation. You can find these cell phone accessories wholesale in Houston, TX at a reputed online store.