Famous foods of Karachi you would regret not tasting

  1. Hey! So you’re in Karachi but don’t know about the famous foods of Karachi. Dear foodies! Do not worry; I am here with an informative article about Karachi foods.When it comes to food, the city of lights (Karachi) won’t disappoint you.

As you know, Karachi is a blend of many cultures. People of different cultures live there, so it has a diverse culture. The same is the case with Karachi foods. The favorite foods of Karachiare also a blend of different traditions. Karachi food street is the most famous street in Pakistan.

There is a wide range of foods that you should try. I’ll discuss some of the most loved Karachi foods here.

Table of content:

  1. Famous traditional foods of Karachi
  2. Karachi’s famous street foods
  3. Final words

Famous traditional foods of Karachi:

Here is the list of the most loved and famous foods in Karachi:


Biryani is the craze of everyone not only in Karachi but all over Pakistan. Karachi’s people love spicy foods more. Biryani is a spicy dish made of numerous spices, rice, and meat, usually chicken or beef. Karachiites also add potatoes to their Biryani sometimes. 

The fragrance of Biryani is enough to spell a charm on you and make you crave it. It is believed that Biryani was brought to Asia by the Mughals. Biryani was the most famous dish in the royal kitchen too. If you visit Karachi, do not miss the chance to taste one of the most famous foods of Karachi.

Chicken Karahi:

Chicken Karahi is a dish made of chicken, tomatoes, and special spices. The dish is garnished with green chilies and coriander. This simple and easy-to-cook dish is one of the most famous foods of Karachi.

Many dhaabas (small restaurants) are famous for their hot and sizzling chicken Karahi. Chicken Karahi is served along with Naan and salad for maximum joy.


Paya is one of the favorite dishes of desi people (natives) all over Pakistan. Paya is a famous traditional food of Karachi. Paya is made from Trotters of goat, cow, or sheep. The trotters are cooked with tomatoes, spices, garlic, ginger, and corn flour. It is simmered on low flame mostly overnight to get a full taste.

Paya looks like a sticky and thick liquid. Many restaurants in Karachi serve Naan paya as a special breakfast on weekends.

According to historians, the origin of paya is South and Central Asia. Muslim cooks are most famous for cooking delicious paya.


Just like paya, nihari is also loved by karachiites. Nihari is a stew cooked on low flame, along with other spices. If you are visiting Karachi, do not miss the chance to enjoy a luxurious breakfast with delicious nihari and Naan.

Chicken tikka:

Chicken tikka is the best thing that could be done with chicken. You would love to try hot and spicy chicken tikka as it is the famous Karachi food. Chicken tikka is cooked over red hot coals. Mostly boneless chicken, along with spices, is grilled. The fragrance of chicken tikka is good enough to drive hunger.

The dish is mainly served with yogurt, Chatni, Naan, and salad. Trust me; chicken tikka is finger-licking good. The dish was also introduced by the Mughals in Asia and is famous.


Haleem is one of the most famous foods of Karachi. Karchiites love for spicy food is never-ending. Haleem is made of many ingredients and spices. It contains meat, cereals, barley, and other spices.

Haleem is a thick soup garnished with lemon, ginger, and green chilies. Haleem is tasty and full of nutrients as well. Historians believe it was introduced to Asia during the rule of the sixth Nizam.

Haleem is available on stalls everywhere in the streets of Karachi. Most people love to eat Haleem and boiled rice and Naan; however, it is also eaten separately.

Chicken Handi:

Chicken handi is one of the best Karachi foods I have ever tried. Handi is a mild and creamy dish made of chicken and other spices. Yogurt or cream is added to chicken handi to give it gentle and creamy touch.

Chicken handi got this name from the mud-pot it is cooked in. However, it can also be cooked in a wok. Chicken handi is a quick recipe, and because of its iconic creamy taste, it is loved by people having dinner outside.

If you are in Karachi, you should give it a try. You can enjoy chicken handi with Naan and salad. Its taste is much different from regular chicken curry.

Karachi’s famous street foods:

Karachi is most famous for street foods too. Karachi’s street food list is so long. You can enjoy the food of your taste within your budget. Here are some famous Karachi street foods:


Chaat is the favorite snack of karachiites. Chaat is a snack made of potato, onion, tomato chunks, chickpeas, and yogurt. Spices and lemon juice are added to the Chaat to enhance the taste.

Gol gappay:

Gol gappay, also called pani puri, is one of the most famous Karachi foods. Gol gappay can make your mouth water. The snack is made of deeply fried flour into crispy hollow balls. The hollow ball is filled with potato chunks, chickpeas, onions, and spiced water.

If you visit Karachi must try gol gappy, you’ll love it. You’ll also see the craze of Karachiites for gol gappy.

Bun kabab:

Have you ever tried bun and kabab? If not, you should try it. Bun kabab is Karachi’s famous food. It is a combination of soft bun and kabab served with sauces or chatni.

Some other famous Karachi foods are French fries, kachori, Haleem, parathas, and katakat.

Final words:

  1. All the above-mentioned traditional foods of Karachi are the best Karachi foods you would regret not tasting. Whenever you visit Karachi, you should try them. All these foods are finger-licking good, and you’ll crave the foods again.