Factors that are important during the process of making a ring

A ring is a common piece of jewellery that is worn on a daily basis by a lot of people. It is a special kind of jewellery since wearing a ring on the ring finger of the left hand denotes your marital status and your commitment to your partner. Therefore, most people like to wear their rings everyday as a constant reminder of the love they share with their partners.

The process of making a ring is a long drawn one with each step being an important one. The intricate process of designing and fabricating a ring is affected by many factors that influence the final outcome. The materials and the procedure involved in making a diamond wedding ring London are very important to create something that is not just attractive to the eye but also meaningful. Here are a few factors that are important during the procedure of making a ring.

The centre stone

The kind of centre stone that is used in a ring is an important factor that determines the longevitiy of the ring. Most of the rings that are made are either wedding rings or diamond rings. These rings are meant to be worn on an everyday basis and undergo regular wear and tear. Therefore, the stone of the ring should not just be sturdy but also hard enough to withstand the daily grind of life. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man and have a Moh’s hardness number of 10. Therefore, they are most popularly used in rings.

The metal band

The metal band of the ring is as important as the stone and should be chose carefully. Just like the stone, the metal should be able to withstand the daily wear and tear and be sturdy enough to securely hold the precious stones in place. Usually, gold and platinum are the choice of metals that is used in rings since they are noble metals that do not undergo tarnish and corrosion. However, their purity must be kept in mind since they are softer in their purest form. For jewellery making purposes, their alloys must be used to increase hardness.

Careful Handling

The design of the rings often contain delicate details which are of utmost importance. The ring, including its wax model should be handled carefully in order to create a ring with delicate details. The wax model of the ring is often soft and prone to distortion. However, if handled carefully the ring details can be preserved and casted in metal.

Skill and precision

All rings including Hatton Garden Engagement Rings are made by people who are highly skilled in what they do. It requires a lot of precision in making a ring and one wrong step can damage the outcome. Therefore, care should be taken about the little things such as proper temperature and wax carving so as to get the finest detail of the ring beautifully. Skill and precision during the procedure of fabricating a ring is extremely important.

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