Facilities on a yacht to host your corporate events

corporate events

Corporate events are special events, meetings, or seminars regarding new business strategies, new product launches, or award ceremonies for clients or workers as well. When it comes to corporate events, it sounds to be serious with a strict dress code. But now it gets blends with some joy.

There are a lot of venues available for corporate events in Dubai but yacht rental in Dubai is one of the famous attractions for such big events. Yacht rental service Dubai offers a wide range of yachts such as lotus mega yacht, desert rose yachtGugu yacht, etc.

Yachts suitable for corporate events

From a big bucket list of yachts, some are specialized in arranging business events. Depending on the number of guests listed, book a yacht and start preparing for the event. Yachts that are on the list are as follows.

  1. 141 ft mega yacht 

It is a big yacht of 141 ft size and has accommodation of 100 guests. The yacht has a majestic design that holds a large number of guests easily as it has a lot of free space which allows the guests to enjoy freely and attend the event with proper concentration. Instead of hustle and bustle of the city, mega yacht proves to be the best venue.

  1. Desert rose yacht 

Desert rose yacht is 150 ft in size and can hold 250 guests. It can hold a corporate event with great success. The beautiful design attracts clients and workers and makes them more energetic during such events. Guests can enjoy a serene ambiance while cruising.

  1. Gugu yacht

Gugu boat is not a big yacht but can be booked for such an event if the guests’ list is small. It impresses the clients and workers as well. It is 78 ft in size and can accommodate around 90 guests. Its’ perfect design suits it best for special events like corporate events.

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Services provide by yachts 

  • Customized decoration for corporate events

Crew facilitates the business companies on the events by arranging it very carefully with theme decoration. However, the yachts’ interior is very elegant and it proves to be an attractive feature for the guests. On the other hand, whether it is a red carpet or floral decoration, anything thing can be added to the package with some extra charges.

  • Facility of WI-FI 

Everyone thinks of how to organize the corporate event on a yacht because one of the most important facilities, wi-fi might not available to them. Every corporate event needs it while the event, to contact someone or for searching for information. Free wi-fi is available onboard for such events to release one’s tension.

  • Live music 

To add some fun and take the event on light mode, some live music is compulsory. The crew will take good care of the guests and manage to entertain them with quality music that will not take their attention in another direction but instead make the guests more energetic.

  • Live BBQ or customized menu 

One more thing which attracts the attention of guests is food. Try to be very careful while choosing the menu. A professional chef will make it so delicious for the guests. The crew will serve them elegantly.

  • Proper security 

Everyone will love the security arrangements of the yacht. It is the priority of the crew members. In addition, they make the guests feel comfortable.

  • Luxurious pick and drop 

A limo rental in Dubai can give extra comfort. Therefore, special guests can avail the luxurious pick and drop service. Thus, all the journeys on the yacht can be easily covered. Fresh juices and water with light snacks are available in the limo for the guest’s entertainment purposes.

  • Entertainment options 

Special games and water activities can be added to the package that will entertain the guests and workers as well.