Exploring The Advantages Of Wigs And Their History

Wig has been a timeless product of man that traces back to ancient civilizations of Egypt and Europe. While it has become a quick solution for people who are in a hurry to attend a function or to get dressed up for a cosplay event, in the early days, wigs had a significant role in various societies.

This article will explore how wigs came into existence and for how long people are using them. In addition to this, it will also emphasize the versatile advantages that a wig offers a person. So, if you are interested in exploring the advantages of wigs as well as their history, keep reading this article to the end.

History of Wigs

The first wig to come into existence in recorded history was in ancient Egypt, As mentioned earlier. During that era, people would shave their heads and in place of their hair, they would adorn wigs crafted from animal hairs, human hairs, or even plant fiber. The purpose of wearing wigs was to protect themselves from getting lice and from the sun.

Afterwards in recent history, throughout the Renaissance and  18th century, European Aristocratic society adopted the wig as a fashion statement. They used it to denote their standing in society and to uphold their status of being wealthy. However, during that era, they often had to run into unpleasantries as these wigs would often create unpleasant odors. Thus, they had to use various fragrances and powders to mask those odors.

Current Uses of Wigs

On today’s date, a wig is most commonly used by people having certain medical conditions like alopecia or cancer. These conditions cause intense hair fall, as a result, the person had to wear a wig to boost their confidence and regain their self-esteem.

Other than this, wigs have been used as part of various props and costumes in film sets and in theatres. Where actors and actresses wear a wig to fit with a character.

Wigs are also popular among bald people, as they don’t have hair due to certain genetic build. However, as of now, a lot of people are wearing wigs, and love to cosplay. It is an outlook where a person tries to imitate the look of a fictional character in various events and fan fests.

Advantages of Wigs

These days, wigs are getting immense popularity among people throughout the world. In addition, wig companies like Igottagetawig are using cutting-edge technology and skills to create high-quality wigs that are as good as real hair. Crafted from real and authentic high-quality human hair, these hair wigs offer various advantages to the adorner. Below mentioned are a few advantages that one can get from wigs.

  • Change Your Style in a Whim
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • Protect your natural hair from getting damaged by using various harmful products and treatment
  • Save your time and money with an instant change of style


In a nutshell, wigs have been and will be an integral part of human civilization. So, be it to cover your rapidly receding hairline or to instantly change your hairstyle, choose high-quality wigs from Igottagetawig.