Experts have calculated inflation rates in Russia in the third quarter

Inflation in Russia in the third quarter will be 15-17%, the decline in GDP will decrease, according to experts interviewed by TASS .

“The current situation with imports is associated with increased logistics costs, which will inevitably be retransmitted into consumer prices. In addition, the Bank of Russia has already returned the key rate to the pre-February level and is likely to continue to lower it in July, which may also slightly revive consumer demand,” said Natalia Safina, Head of Macroeconomic Analysis and Financial Markets at the CSR.

Her colleague, NRA Managing Director Sergei Grishunin believes that inflation in Russia may reach 16.5% at the end of September. He also predicts a slowdown in the economic downturn.

“By the end of the third quarter, we expect a decline since the beginning of the year in the range of 4-5%,” Grishunin said.

Earlier it became known that the Russians began to pay worse on all loans.

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