Everything You Wanted to Know About Slice Credit Card

Slice Credit Card is one of the most popular credit cards in India. It does not even require a minimum CIBIL score, so anyone can apply. There are many credit cards on the market that require a CIBIL score, making Slice Credit Card stand out. It is a cashback intended cashback that gives customers 2% cash back immediately after the transaction. It comes with no joining and renewal fee which makes it a lifetime free credit card.

Furthermore, you can apply for the Slice Credit Card once you reach the age of 18. Isn’t that terrific? Aside from that, the card offers numerous benefits such as exciting rewards, no joining fee, and a split payment feature that allows you to repay the amount easily and without incurring any additional fees. There are many features and benefits of using this card that you should know before purchasing it. Continue reading to learn “Everything You Wanted to Know About Slice Credit Card” in depth.

Features of Slice Credit Card

Here are the features of the Slice Credit Card:

  • It offers 2% instant cashback on all transactions.
  • Split bill payment is available with the Slice Credit Card. This allows you to easily divide your bill into three equal installments. There are no additional fees, and you have a flexible repayment option
  • Applying for a Slice Credit Card will not cost you any joining fee. Also, it comes with no renewal fee. This makes Slice Credit Card a lifetime free credit card. 
  • The credit limit on the Slice Credit Card is Rs. 2000 with a maximum credit limit of Rs. 10 lakh.
  • The minimum age to apply for a Slice Credit Card is 18 years.
  • The credit card will be delivered to your registered address in just 48 hours.

How to Apply for a Slice Credit Card

The application process for the Slice Credit Card is straightforward. It is simple and quick. To apply, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Slice Credit Card

Step 2: Select “Apply Now” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: You will be given a QR code. Scan the code to get the Slice Credit Card app.

Step 4: You will be navigated to the Slice Credit Card app. 

Step 5: A set of instructions will be provided to you. Simply follow them. 

Step 6: The app will request some personal information from you, such as your date of birth, name, and phone number. Fill out all those details carefully.

Step 7: You will successfully be registered with the app. 

Eligibility and Documents Required for Slice Credit Card

It is essential to understand the eligibility criteria and documentation needed to apply for a credit card. It lowers the likelihood of your application being rejected or delayed. The following are the bullet points that best describe the eligibility and documentation requirements:

Eligibility – To apply for the Slice Credit Card, the applicant must be an Indian citizen.

Occupation – Anyone whether salaried or self-employed is eligible.

Documents – Address proof, ID proof, and Income proof

Slice Credit Card: Fees and Charges

To obtain the Slice Credit Card, no additional fees are required. However, the other fees that came with it were very minor. The following are the fees and charges for the Slice Credit Card:

Joining Fee – Nill

Renewal Fee – Nill


The Slice Credit Card offers variable interest rates and amazing rewards. People like it best for its split bill payment feature. It allows you to make a purchase without putting a strain on your finances. Furthermore, you can repay the amount over the next few months. The slice credit card has a simple onboarding process and is easy to use.