Everything to know about Puerto Rico Yacht Charters

Want to give an extravagant birthday or anniversary gift to your spouse? There’s no other better option than Caribbean sea cruising for a week. You can consider booking Puerto Rico yacht charters to enjoy the beauty of this stunning island. Puerto Rico is a perfect vacation spot for enjoying a yacht charter experience like never before.

From tropical rain forests and huge mountains to exotic beaches, Puerto Rico offers various adventure-filled spots to enjoy a holiday. You can also make your visit more exciting with Puerto Rico yacht rentals. Or maybe you may consider booking a catamaran for enjoying in style.

All this makes a vacation in Puerto Rico island worth your time. You can simply fall in love with the beauty of mesmerizing waterfalls, sparkling beaches, mountainous landscapes, and tropical rainforests. Besides that, this island has various beach bars, cafe strips, and casinos. Despite all these facilities, Puerto Rico is considered the best yacht sailing expedition.

Here are a few important things you need to consider about Puerto Rico yacht charters before booking.

Best Time For The Expedition

June is the hottest month in Puerto Rico with a regional temperature of 76°F. And, January is the coldest with 70°F. So, the best time to plan a vacation on this island is between July and September. During this time of the year, the sea temperature reaches the 85°F mark.

In the winter season, the wind speeds vary consistently from 25-30 knots. Therefore, it is best to plan your Puerto Rico boat charter trip between July and September.

Activities On Board

Most tour operators offer a wide range of activities to the guests. Be it dining out, shopping, visiting historic spots, or enjoying nightclubs, there are plenty of fun options to consider. But when on consider Puerto Rico boat rentals, the activities you’d enjoy the most would be windsurfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. Or you can simply choose to bask in the sun while sipping your favorite mocktail or cocktail.

Destinations Covered For Puerto Rico Yacht Charters

The chartering itinerary depends on the duration of the maritime voyage. However, anyone who is considering a 7-day package may expect cruising through various places, such as:

  • Culebrita
  • Puerto Del Rey Marina.
  • Las Pelas
  • Culebra (Ensenada)
  • Flamenco & Playa Tamarindo
  • Dakiti
  • Cayo Luis Pena
  • Vieques
  • Palomino / Icacos Islands

Crucial Items to Take With You For Sailing Expedition

When going for Puerto Rico yacht charters, you need to consider carrying your suntan lotions, sunglasses, medications, beach towels, hats, deck shoes, and beach slippers. Besides that, you may also take with you some other useful items that you may find necessary on a yacht.

Choose Charters For an Amazing Yachting Experience

The professional yacht tour operator will provide you with various types of charters for the guests to immerse in exclusivity.

  • By the cabin charters – These charters take you to various types of destinations for visiting as per the bucket list. The must-do activities are also part of the itinerary. This charter offers a luxurious experience that you cannot forget.
  • Bareboat charters – They offer a wonderful experience too. The difference is that, on these charters, you are the captain sailing. So, you can reach any destination you desire. Or even indulge in activities as per your preferences. It is because you can rent this boat without a skipper or crew.
  • Crewed charters – These charters are ideal for experiencing a private five-star villa on the water. It includes the best gourmet for serving you and also an apt skipper for guiding you over the waters.

You also have an option to choose from a variety of motorboats, catamarans, gullets, or luxury yachts for boosting your adrenaline rush.

Why Choose Puerto Rico Yacht Charters?

There are various reasons to choose yacht charters in Puerto Rico. Since this place has a significant marina in the panoramic Caribbean sea, what could be better to explore the region than yachting? Besides that, you can even indulge in beach camping, water activities, or nightlife for an exciting yacht experience.

Book Our Yacht Charters

Yachts Puerto Rico Charters offer you a great yachting experience on this island. From fishing charters, cabin charters, and bareboat charters to catamarans, we have various vessels to make your trip memorable. Contact us today to book any charter of your choice for an exclusive cruising experience.

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