How To Embed YouTube Shorts On Website?

If you are well aware of the advantages of embedding YouTube shorts on your website, you must be attracted to use this strategy in your marketing campaign as well.

In terms of market involvement, interactions, conversion rates, creating social proof, and other factors, this approach aids marketers in improving the success of their website.

However, you have come to the right place if you are unsure how to insert YouTube video shorts into your website.

This post will discuss a few simple methods for gathering, organizing, and including YouTube shorts on your website. So without further ado, let’s begin the procedure.

Simplest Way To Embed YouTube Shorts On Your Website

Method A – To Use a Social Media Aggregation Tool 

Utilizing a social media aggregation tool is probably the simplest option for effortlessly embedding YouTube shorts on website.

A social media aggregator is a platform that enables users to curate and incorporates social media website on their website, in case you are unfamiliar with this technology.

Wherever they wish to gather and curate YouTube videos, users can select their preferred connection type. The users can enjoy the characteristics of the selected social media tool to increase the efficiency of the YouTube widget.

Furthermore, you can control the content by removing any irrelevant or undesired content from the widget. What else? Other capabilities available to tool users include automatic content updates, comprehensive analytics, and customer support staff.

The Taggbox widget is a popular and responsive social media aggregation tool, and the procedure is as easy as gathering, curating, and embedding.

Step 1 – Select a tool and sign in 

Choose a tool that provides you with promising characteristics as your initial step. After finishing, you must log in by making an account.

The majority of tools let you test them out for free before purchasing the full versions. The dashboard portion will then be accessible after you log into the tool.

Select YouTube as your favorite source of content collection from the list of social media sites. Choose shorts as your preferred type of connection. Select the Create feed option after entering the necessary details.

Step 2 – Customize the widget 

Within a few seconds, the combined YouTube shorts will appear in your widget editor. The YouTube shorts widget must then be personalized in accordance with your preferences.

Depending on the tool you use, you will be able to exploit different alternatives. This step is essential since it enables you to improve the YouTube widget’s visual appeal.

Step 3 – Create the code and insert the YouTube shorts widget

When everything is finished, you must create the embed code. By selecting the Publish option, the procedure can begin. From the pop-up menu, choose your favorite platform for constructing websites.

To generate the code and copy it to the clipboard, select Get Code. It could be possible for you to change the YouTube widget’s height and width.

Once you are satisfied with how the YouTube widget is shown overall, you must sign in to the admin section of your website builder. Navigate to the section where the YouTube widget will be placed.

Enter the embed code in the space provided in the backend portion of the website. You’re done once you save the modifications! The YouTube widget would have been successfully inserted into your website.

Method B – Use a WordPress plugin

The next strategy for embedding YouTube shorts on a website is to make use of a responsive plugin. There are numerous plugins readily usable online and in the WordPress directory.

To gather and embed content on the website, users might choose a responsive solution like the Taggbox widget plugin. To make it functional and aggregate the videos, all you have to do is seek for it in the WordPress directory, activate a plugin, and connect it to your YouTube account.

Why Should Marketers Embed YouTube Shorts On Their Website?

  • Videos are far more effective than texts 
  • A better description of your products and services
  • Much more engagement on the website 
  • Give an insight into your YouTube presence 
  • Bring your website to life 
  • Embed User-Generated Videos for building social proof

Key Takeaways

We have reached the conclusion of this post, and you now know the two simplest ways to embed YouTube videos on your website.

Both solutions are simple to implement and only require a few steps to finish. Moreover, you also got to know about the splendid benefits that come along with strategy. Go on now, begin the embedding process right away to enjoy all the advantages that come along with it!