Easy Ways to Style Your Hair

Our hair is easily one of the most important features of our bodies. It is the first thing people notice and although we usually say that our faces are the first to be seen more often than not, our hair is the first. Some people are blessed with great hair, regardless of the texture or length their hair always looks perfect.  However, for those of us who may not be so blessed, hair styling comes with a lot of effort. Each person has a different way they prefer to style their hair depending on the type whether it’s straight or curly, thick or thin, and long or short. Either way, there are some common tips that help everyone style their hair to suit their face. Here are some of them. 


Go natural

Anyone with curly hair will tell you that there is no hard and fast rule on maintaining curly hair. It tends to have a mind of its own and should be treated with the utmost care. Curly hair is usually more fragile due to its texture. It requires a lot more moisturization in order to keep it frizz-free and healthy. 

Curly hair styling can be tricky too. Depending on what on the type and occasion you can opt for braids to have a pulled-together look. Push it back using a silk bandana to reduce damage or stretch it out using a cordless straightener. All these options help style hair with minimum effort and minimum product ensuring that it grows and looks lush and healthy. 

Image Source: Unsplash

Layer it up

Straight hair can sometimes look limp and dull especially if it is thin. So, layering it up is a natural way to add volume to straighten her. The texture ensures easy maintenance without the worry of it bouncing up or looking too tangled. Layers can either make or break your style so it is important to get it done by an experienced stylist who can show you the best way to cut layers depending on the length you have. 

Cross up the parting

Simply changing the side of your parting can change your look instantly. If you are tired of the same parting of your hair simply flip it to a side and see a different angle of your face, and come to life. A crisscross parting adds a little edge and a side part works great for a laid-back and fun look. Bangs can also be added to your new style as either a short fringe or a long fringe that adds an edge but can also be neatly tucked behind your ear

Use hair spray or leave-in conditioner

Most of the time styling can be difficult when there is frizz and fly-away strands in the way. Instead of using a heavy product to tame it run your fingers through your hair with a dab of leave-on conditioner or lightly apply hair spray. This does not leave your hair feeling gluey or sticky.