To maintain pollution and dust control is a very crucial element to survive in this society in order to maintain the safety health and the environment. Proper sanitation is a vital element for meeting the requirements of environment. Dust control solutions include various steps, procedures and equipment which help in reducing the fatal emissions from industries and factories. They aid in reducing waste by either putting it into other use or disposing it off properly so that it does not cause any fatal damage to the health of people and environment.

The most easily polluted environment is the work environment. Especially the ones where manual labour and construction takes place frequently or on daily basis. To have proper dust control solutions is to protect the health and well-being of the employees.  The dust and dirt produced in mining operation sites and projects produce the most fatal kind of waste and thus, require the most dust control and maintenance. Such sites are the major source of air-borne fumes and emissions.

Even after using various precautions to emit non-toxic fumes, dust and dirt still escapes in the form of finer small particles which are more hazardous to health and environment. Thus, manual dust control solutions are mandatory to establish in work places. Work environments like those of mining, construction and other related work are the leading sources of pollution and such areas should be especially looked into with great urgency.

Dust control solutions are mainly adopted in industries of mining, cement manufacture and steel production, where these solutions help in suppressing and collecting the dust, dirt and harmful extracts produced by them. There are various types of dust control solutions which are adopted by industries, however, the two below are applied widely:

  • Dry collection

Dry dust is essentially required in various industries and the collection of dust and dirt in such a way is very beneficial in reducing pollution and encouraging sanitation to a great extent. This form of dust control solutions requires the use of bag houses which are equipped with fabric filters. These fabric filters vacuum the dust away from the source and ensures proper disposal.

  • Wet suppression

Wet dust suppression is a type of dust control solution which mostly involves the vigorous use of water guns, water sprays, and mists. They are used in order to control the accumulation of piles of dust, garbage and dirt on piles, roads and other work-in-progress operations. For better results, water sprays are used with surfactants and foams. Even though it is widely effective, the process is still quite complex as there are different criteria which also have to be looked upon like the water droplet size, the velocity, contact angles and the tension of the surface. All of these have a large role to play in order to allow this dust control solution to work effectively.

These are a few basic types of solutions which are implemented to follow the laws and regulations. This also aids in improvement of performance as with cleaner work environment, the actual work can proceed more efficiently and effectively.

But this is not it. The application of dust control solutions is not just limited to the industries. Other benefits of such solutions can also be seen in various other areas of work and business:

  • Effectively reduces the risk of dust and fire explosions.
  • With less pollution and more sanitation, the work place can be more visible.
  • With effective dust control solutions, one can also rule out the possibility of bad odor.
  • Healthy workplace boosts the morale of the employees as well.