Driving Lessons: How Many to Take for a License

In modern times, driving is a life skill that makes you self-sufficient. Knowing how to drive can help you run errands, commute to work or take a break from your daily grind. All these activities can happen otherwise, too, but driving enables you to choose your pace and lets you make your own decisions, giving you control of life.

If you are also eager to be behind the wheel, taking driving lessons is imperative. Find a Cheap Driving School near your place with experienced instructors who can turn a passionate learner into a professional driver. Now, if you are wondering how many lessons it’ll take, here is the answer.


Some of you may be a novice at driving, while others might have some basic experience. Your exposure to driving is a determinant of the number of lessons required to acquire a license.

If you have familiarity with controls and their functions and know the basic road signs, you can skip a few lessons. Then your instructor may fast-track the driving lessons and help you with more complex ones and this shall decrease the number of classes required.

So if you want to earn a license with fewer lessons, equip yourself with some basic driving knowledge before seeking the help of a driving school.

Confidence Levels

Not everybody has a natural inclination toward driving. Some of us may get scared with the speedy vehicles, while others may enjoy the thrill they get when they hit the road.

If you are confident and determined, the number of driving lessons can drastically come down. Your confidence can help you grasp the lessons 3x faster than others.

However, if you are intimidated by the chaos on the road, it’ll take some time to build confidence. Your nearest best, and cheap driving school instructors can help you forget the fear and confidently face the road.

Frequency of Lessons

Whether taking driving lessons or learning anything else, one needs to be consistent to perfect the skill. If you take driving lessons with significant gaps, it’s possible to forget a few moves, or you may even experience a confidence dip.

If you run on a tight schedule and miss a few classes, you may lose on crucial lessons and will have to extend the duration. It will increase the number of driving lessons required to make you a skilled and independent driver.

It’s advisable to maintain the regularity of a driving lesson because all they need is about 2-4 hours a week. So, even if you are busy, try taking classes from your nearest cheap driving school.

Choice of Driving School

As mentioned earlier, the number of driving lessons may vary according to the individual and it shall depend on your confidence, prior knowledge and time spent in classes. Hence, if your nearest cheap driving school offers one-for-all driving lessons, it’s better to steer clear of them.

Every individual learns at their pace and your Driving School must offer customisable lessons that suit your learning style and experience.

Many driving schools offer various stages of courses. You can ask them for 1 free lesson to better understand the course level and choose accordingly.

Type of Instructors

Your driving instructor is crucial in determining the number of required lessons. Some of them focus on imparting theoretical knowledge before practising and this approach can increase the number of lessons. While others use theoretical and practical lessons simultaneously helping the students to acquire knowledge sooner and decrease the number of lessons.

Regardless of the type of classes, you must be able to complete the course with 50 driving lessons.

Private Lessons

Lessons from your nearest cheap driving school have to be supported through private practice. So even when your instructor does his job well and you practice driving during the class, it’s vital to practise otherwise, too.

You can ask your friend or a family member to spend a couple of hours on your driving practice. The person assisting you in your driving practice must be over 21 years, own a motor and have a license for more than 3 years.

Apart from the professional lessons at a driving school, it’s imperative to have 22-hour private driving sessions to sharpen your skills and be eligible for the license.


Learning to drive may require only a few classes, but becoming a pro requires being consistent with your practice . Once you are through with your driving lessons, focus on the daily practice to level up your confidence. But before that, choose the driving school that provides you with individual attention and customised classes. It will ensure that you learn at your pace and can gradually build the confidence required to hit the roads safely.

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