DPMS AR 15 Review [Is It The Right Gun For You?

“America’s Rifle” is what the AR-15 has been called for a reason. It’s by far the most popular rifle in the country, and it’s easy to see why when you think about it.

Its design is accurate, it works well, and it gives you (the shooter) really great ergonomics. Also, many good ARs are being made right now, and you can get them for prices that are easy on the wallet.

So, in this DPMS AR 15 review, we’ll see if the DPMS Oracle is one of the 308 Upper Parts that gives you good quality at a price you can afford…

And we’ll do that by talking about how well the Oracle does in the following areas;

    • Barrel And Accuracy
    • Bolt And Carrier
    • Both the top and bottom receivers
    • Trigger
    • Stock, Handguard, and Pistol Grip
    • Pros and Cons

In the end, you’ll know if you’d choose a Jl Billet 308 as your own affordable AR or not. And you should know everything you need to know to figure out if it’s the right gun for you…

Let’s start going over it!

Barrel and Aim…

The barrel of the Dpms Lr 308 Upper Receiver is made of 4140 steel and has a 1/9 twist. 4140 is a decent barrel steel…

It’s not quite as hard as 4150 or some other barrel steels, but it should work pretty well for a cheap AR that probably won’t fire a lot of rounds…

Bolt and Carrier

The BCG that comes with the DPMS AR 15 has a full auto profile. Even though that isn’t a big deal for a civilian AR-15 semi-auto.

Also, both the carrier and the gas key are lined with chrome, which protects them from rust and makes them easier to clean.

And the gas key is firmly attached to the carrier, so it won’t come loose as you fire the rifle.

On top of that, the extractor on the bolt has an O-ring that gives you a little extra extractor power when the rifle pulls out spent cartridges and then kicks them out.

Upper and Lower Receiver

The DPMS AR 15’s upper receiver and lower receiver are both made of 7075 T6 aluminum, and their sizes seem to match mil spec.

Also, they fit together pretty well, and the charging handle looks like a standard mil spec charging handle.

The upper does have M4 feed ramps, which will help with reliability, and it also has a forward assist and a shell deflector, which you don’t always find on cheap AR 15s.

Trigger Specs and Feel

The trigger looks like it was made to mil spec, and it breaks like a mil spec trigger when you pull it with about 6 pounds of force.

It works fine, but like all AR-15 triggers, it’s easy to switch out if you want to upgrade it in the future…

Stock, Handguard, and Pistol Grip

The handguards that come with the DPMS Oracle are kind of weird. They don’t have any kind of heat shield on the inside, and they also have these weird ridges that go around the barrel.

They’re also kind of bulky and hard to hold. They’re easy to switch out, but most people would have preferred a slimmer design, even if it didn’t have a heat shield (like the M&P 15 Sport).

Last, the stock that comes with DPMS is kind of big and heavy. The back of the stock slopes outward toward the bottom, which I don’t think is a very comfortable design.

Again, the stock is easy to change for something better, but I wish it was just flat at the back because we think that would be a more comfortable design.

Overall, most people don’t like any of the furniture that comes with the DPMS AR 15, but as we’ve already said, all of these parts are easy to swap out for something better.

The only problem is that as you upgrade your accessories, it will cost you more money.


    • It’s a rifle that works well.
    • It works well.
    • Both the upper and lower receivers are of good quality.
    • Chrome covers the bolt carrier group.
    • The extractor comes with an O-ring to give it more power.
    • It has a front helper and a shell deflector.
    • The castle nut on the receiver extension is stuck.


    • The steel for the barrel could be better.
    • The top rail is higher than the aluminum gas block.
    • The handguard is strange and hard to use.
    • The basic style isn’t very comfortable.