How to Download Facebook Videos On Android Or iPhone?

Facebook is a leading and is one of the biggest video streaming services which is there in the world and this platform also allows you to watch the videos of the platform offline on your device. 

But there are many people who do not know how they could be able to download Facebook reel which is why we have prepared this blog for you and in this article we will be telling you how you can download the videos you want from Facebook on your mobile device you are using. 

So, without wasting time we should get started with the steps which you should follow to download the Facebook videos which you want. 

Downloading Facebook Videos on the Android Mobile you are using – 

You can download an ETM video downloader for Facebook applications using the Google Play store and this application will allow you to download the application without any hassle or efforts. 

  • First you should move to the Facebook app and then look for the video which you are looking forward to downloading, after which you should open the video and then tap on the share button from the screen for FB reels download
  • You should copy the link of the video and open the ETM video downloader application on your smartphone after which you should paste the link copied. 
  • After doing so, you are required to press the download button and then simply save the video to the gallery and when the app allows you to save the videos by simply clicking on the share button and opt for the video downloader app for Facebook reels download

Downloading Facebook Videos on the iPhone you are using – 

  • On an iPhone device, you should use the any video saver application for which you should look for the Facebook video you want and then hit on it. 
  • You should now click on the share button and then copy the link of the video from the screen following which you should move to the any video saver option and then paste the link there. 
  • After pasting the link, now, for Facebook reels video download you should now click on the download button and as soon as you do so your video will be downloaded on your iPhone device. 
  • The downloaded videos could be found by you on the device by clicking on the downloads section in the application and not only videos but you can also download the photos you want using this tool on your iPhone device. 

We hope that the steps which we have provided for you in this blog for Facebook reel download were all helpful and beneficial for you and you were able to use them to get the videos you want offline on your device. 

If you are looking to finding out more details and information about Facebook and the other features of Facebook you should find out website Techzeel on the browser which you are using and add good information to your knowledge. 

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