Don’t let bad Smart Phone addiction ruin your health and your relationship

If your phone is confiscated, it will probably be almost impossible for you to spend that day which is why the phone has got its roots in our personal life. This bad smart phone addiction is interfering with our relationships.

Smart Phone addiction has become a common thing. This addiction and its effects have been awarded a special word. Which has also become a topic in psychology. That word is phubbing. The word phubbing is made up of two words phone and snubbing. That’s why phubbing clearly means insulting another person because of phone addiction. This insult can happen in any way. According to the psychiatrist in this regard, phubbing usually does not intentionally ignore someone, but it is like an addiction, in which the person who is busy on the phone knows that he cannot ignore his mind. Phubbing is like an addiction, in which the person on the phone unknowingly ignores the person talking to him. And the person talking to it feels insulted. In such a situation, the person using the phone often starts getting a noun like indecent, irresponsible, and restrained nature.

Don’t let bad Smart Phone addiction ruin your health and your relationship
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Know what is the reason behind phubbing:

It has been generally seen that the addiction to phubbing is more in children, youth, and middle age people, there can be many reasons for this, especially including smartphone internet social media addiction as well as personal situations. Some people start feeling lonely in their real world, so they start resorting to bay phones. The digital world has become so engulfed in our real world that some studies show that if a phone addict stays away from the phone for a while, then he starts feeling uncomfortable and very stressed. His hand automatically starts moving towards the phone.

Has a deep impact on relationships:

On the one hand, there is a perception that phones and the Internet have brought people sitting far apart, but there is also the other side of the coin that people sitting close have become distant. It is simple, everything has its utility, but it is wrong to use it incorrectly or excessively. Your entire family may have to bear the brunt of this mistake of yours. Many such posters were also prepared in which today’s society has been depicted. It has been shown how 4 people in the family sitting at the same place are busy with their phones. The reality is that almost every home has this atmosphere. Even now 4 children sit together and play with their phones.

Disadvantages of bad phone addiction:

Phubbing leads to a lack of communication within the family.
The elders of the house feel humiliated and the children are ignored.
Spouse does not get his share of time and due to this marital life problems start coming.
Your own morale also drops. Due to spending more time on the phone, a person avoids talking, meeting, and making eye contact with people in the real world. This narrows the social circle.

Effect on married life:

Studies show that a major reason for the deterioration of married life and lack of satisfaction in it is becoming a flower. It has often been seen that even after being in the same bed, husband and wife are busy with their phones. Yes, maybe they make reels or take pictures together but this is also only for likes on social media, it takes away their personal satisfaction and love. In such a situation, there is no time for things like talking to each other, understanding each other, and finding happiness with each other and the foundation of the relationship starts to be Kohli. If you want to preserve the sweetness of your relationship, then this group of phones has to be stopped in the middle of the relationship.

Ways to get rid of phubbing:

It is better to cry about any problem than to beat and work on ways to get rid of it. There is a cure for every problem. There’s also phubbing. You just need to make some special efforts for that.

  • Make some rules in the house. Have food together and stop using the phone during that time.
  • While talking with everyone in the house, keep the phone away from yourself or keep it behind you.
  • Challenge yourself and set a time limit for a few hours, in which you will not see the phone, gradually increase this time.
  • Uninstall all kinds of games and non-essential apps from the phone.
  • To get rid of the phone addiction of others, distance yourself from the phone.
  • If it is not very important, then silence the notification. Such frequent phone calls are not noticed.
  • It is not necessary to make a video or take a picture of everything every moment. Keep some things private and live the moment.

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