Do You Get Late for Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is highly successful to restore your lost volume of hair. FUE transplants can deliver natural-looking and realistic result which will be there for the rest of your life. However, you must remember that it is not for everyone.

Several reasons are there which can make you fail from being eligible for the hair transplant. One of them is too late for hair transplant. If you have any such questions in your mind, then this blog is for you. Check the factors which can rule you out from having hair transplant on time.

Who is suitable for hair transplant?

Obviously, numerous factors are there for making you eligible for the hair transplant. The consultants will ponder on some aspects at the time of consultation including:

  • Hair density- Hair transplant means for people with hair loss but here d enough hair for it to work effectively. Surgeons need donor hair specially collected from back side if head. Good hair transplant is only possible with suffice density of hair at donor site.
  • Hair type- Various hair characteristics affect the success of the hair transplant. The result will affect by curliness, texture and colour of the natural hair.
  • Hair loss cause- Hair loss happens due to numerous reasons. Some of them relate to stress and not a permanent solution. In such scenarios hair transplant is not worthy at all.
  • Age- Hair loss intensity and age is pivotal aspect which can determine if you are eligible for the process or not. Hair transplant is really tough to plan if someone is too young. At that time their hair remains unpredictable. On the other hand, someone losses so much of hair that the procedure is simply not possible!
  • General health- ECG check is important for the patient about 45 years of age. Other medical factors including heart health are also necessary to check the suitability for the procedure. You may ask with a questionnaire at the time of consultation ensuring your good health status.

Last hair transplant

Many people look for 2nd hair transplant. But it is not possible at all if you have already done it earlier. 1st hair transplant never addresses future hair loss and hence you can have inadequate donor hair in the end.

When you are too late for hair transplant?

It is really tough to answer when you get too old for getting hair transplant. Your health matters the most when you are planning for the same. Generally, there is no limit of age to get it. All you have to be suitable for the procedure.

A number of aspects help in determining whether you are suitable for the procedure or not. That’s why consultation is really imperative to let them figure out if they can offer you realistic results or not.

Is it possible to have bald hair transplant?

At that time, it is not possible to have hair transplant. You are actually too late for it. To make hair transplant successful you must have good donor hair amount. Hair transplant only works on placing hair follicles from one place to another. So, it won’t work at all for the people without any hair.

However, there is nothing to feel sad about it. You can undergo ATP in which pigmentation will apply to the scalp for mimicking the hair follicles appearance. It will appear much similar to that of shaven scalp. ATP performs much better for those who have no to little hair.

Get in touch with Turkey Hair Transplant Clinics for more info on hair transplant. They will also check your suitability to carry out the procedure.