Different Underwear Styles and When to Wear Them


The clothes that you wear aren’t the only ones that matter when dressing up. The type of underwear you’re wearing also plays a huge role on how comfortable you are throughout the day, no matter what outfit you have. Men’s underwear actually comes in different forms and each type has its own advantages and the right time to wear it.

It’s natural to have one underwear type that we feel comfortable in. However, there are certain times when your choice of underwear doesn’t just fit right. Here are the different underwear styles, their features, and the best times to wear them.


Briefs are probably the first type of underwear you’ve known as a kid. The traditional brief with a Y-front provides great support and a snug fit. However, briefs contain lesser fabric and don’t offer much coverage especially on the thigh part. Because they look seamless when worn, briefs are actually perfect when worn with low-rise denims and well-trimmed pants. It also looks great for those who have fuller thighs and comfortable for those whose work demand longer sitting hours.

Boxer Shorts

When it comes to comfort and breathability, nothing beats boxer shorts. These underwear types are loose, provides great coverage but doesn’t offer much support. It is actually worn by a lot of men during sleeping because of its breathability. Mens boxers are loose and have a lot of fabric; it bunches up when worn with pants or trousers. Boxer shorts are perfect for summer because of its comfort and breathability.

Boxer Brief

Boxer brief looks like a combination of boxer shorts and briefs. It provides good support with a snug fit yet also has great coverage unlike the traditional brief. Because of its snug fit, boxer briefs don’t bunch up that much making it perfect to be worn with almost all kinds of bottoms. You could also choose from different lengths depending on which you find comfortable. This type of underwear also looks flattering for men with fuller hips.


Trunks offer the same snug fit just like a brief. However, it has a longer leg and has a tapered fit just like a boxer brief. A lot of men choose trunks as the most versatile underwear they have. Because of its fit, trunks can look great with almost any kind of trousers, pants, and other bottoms.

They also look great for clothes that need to be tucked in because of the seamless style of trunks. This is also a great underwear to be worn when exercising or working out because it offers both good coverage and support in one undergarment. Choose ones that are made from cotton modal for maximum comfort that could last all day long.

There are plenty of underwear options for men to choose from but it is always best to have different types in your wardrobe for versatility. With a variety of underwear to choose from, you can always have the best one that suits your outfit and the occasion.

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