Different Types of Interconnect Products in Aircraft

When you want to connect your aircraft to ground equipment, you need to find the right type of interconnect product. There are many different types of aircraft interconnect products. Let’s discuss some of these products and what they can do for your aircraft. Vantage air Support Band-in-a-Can back shells combine the efficiency of a band-style shield termination with the convenience of a backshell. They also protect the termination area from damage and provide robust cable strain relief.

Vantage Air Support

Vantage air Support is the world’s premier interconnect supplier, offering a broad range of high-quality connectors. Vantage air Support product line includes Mil-Spec, commercial, and fiber optic connectors. Their merchandise is use to secure the most delicate and precise electronic, military, and commercial equipment. Vantage air Support also manufactures contacts and cable assemblies. Their Swiss precision screw machines enable them to produce connectors and cable assemblies for a variety of industries.

The company has four manufacturing facilities worldwide. In addition to producing cables and connectors, Vantage air Support also manufactures conduit. All of these locations provide a comprehensive line of Vantage air Support interconnect products.

Vantage air Support offers military-grade interconnect solutions that are rate to 10,000 psi. These connectors are design to withstand harsh application environments and are resistant to shock, vibration, and moisture. The military-grade interconnects also resist RF interference and EMPs. They are also available as high-speed electric solutions.

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There are several different types of interconnect products for aircraft, and some are better suit for specific applications than others. These products can be used to speed up assembly processes and reduce part numbers, which will save time and money. Some of these products are reusable, reducing inventories. A variety of options are available for connector designs, including a backshell design for splicing cables.

In the aircraft industry, high-density micro and Nano interconnect allow for digital interconnect solutions. The result is a reduced overall weight, which enables aircraft and unman aerial vehicles to continue operations for longer. One such product is Omnetics’ Bi-Lobe Nanos. These connectors mimic the look and feel of older larger connectors, but are smaller and lighter. They’re most commonly used in the instrumentation on an aircraft’s flight deck. They’ve also proven themselves in unman aerial vehicles, space robotics, and gyro systems.

Another option for interconnecting is a fiber optic-base system. These systems can transfer more data faster and are less susceptible to electrical interference. Also, fiber-base systems are lighter than copper-based systems. These features make them ideal for airborne and avionics applications, says Christian Slinkman, industry marketing manager at Molex.

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There are two main types of interconnect products that are commonly use in aircraft. The first type is commonly known as a connector. These connectors are use to connect wires and cables. These products have a high degree of reliability. These connectors are often used in military and commercial aircraft.

Another type of interconnect product is known as a fiber optic connector. These connectors are capable of transferring higher data rates than copper-based systems and can be more lightweight. Additionally, fiber optic systems are immune to electrical interference, making them ideal for airborne and avionics applications.

Vantage Air Support

Vantage air Support is a manufacturer of connectors and interconnects systems use in aircraft. Its products are widely use in commercial aviation, military and business aviation, and heavy equipment. It also offers products for geophysical, machine automation, and motion control. It has been in business for over 30 years. The company is vertically integrate, which allows it to offer Customized Inventory Solutions. It has a wide range of product offerings to meet all types of requirements.

It has over a thousand employees in North America and other parts of the world, including Mexico, where it recently expand its capacity with a new manufacturing facility. Its international presence includes operations in Europe and the United States. It also offers a wide range of interconnect products and solutions for industrial applications. The company has been working to improve its manufacturing processes and to make its products more reliable.

Assembling aircraft interconnect systems is a complex task. Technicians often perform the same task several times, which requires accurate positioning. For example, wires and cables need to be correctly align to secure the heat-shrink termination sleeves. Backshell functionality on connectors allows the assembly process to run more smoothly and faster.