Different types of Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens

Azerbaijan is a very famous country when it comes to tourism. Azerbaijan is known as the guardian of fire because of its literal meaning. In this country one can find both a blend of history and modern architecture. You can also see a blend of Persian, Russian and Islamic cultures in the country. You must know that Azerbaijan is one of the first Islamic or Muslim majority countries to have declared itself as secular. People from the United Kingdom are always interested in tours to Azerbaijan and for that a visa to Azerbaijan just like a UK visa for Azerbaijan citizens is required to visit the UK.

Here in this post we are going to mention different visa types of Azerbaijan that can be obtained by a UK citizen. If you are wondering do I need a visa to Azerbaijan then the answer is yes! You cannot enter Azerbaijan without an Azeri visa. The UK isn’t on the list of countries who are eligible to travel free of visa.

Different types of Azeri visas that you should know about!

You can get complete information about the Azeri visas from your nearby embassy or consolidated office. There are different kinds of visas that are issued for different purposes of travel. Some of the common types are:

Azerbaijan tourist visa

Tourist visa is the type of visa which is given to tourists who want to travel Azerbaijan for personal reasons. This visa is valid for three months to a year depending upon your application. You need a tourist visa to Azerbaijan from the UK just like a UK visa for Azerbaijan citizens is needed for Britain travel! You can get a single entry or multiple entry visas depending on your travel history.

Azerbaijan business visa

A very common type of visa that you can get from the embassy is a business visa. A business visa is the one that is needed when you want to visit Azerbaijan for official purposes. To get this kind of visa you need to get the business visa application and you also need to attach a letter from the company addressing the embassy about the purpose of your visit. Azerbaijan business visa is required by UK citizens just like a Business UK visa for Azerbaijan citizens is required.

Azerbaijan Online Visa

Visa to Azerbaijan online can be obtained from the official website or you can also get in touch with a visa agency. The online visa can be obtained in less than thirty minutes. You just have to fill in an online application, attach a digital copy of your UK passport, pay the visa fee and get the visa in your email. 

Azerbaijan study visa

Do you need a visa to go to Azerbaijan even if you have an admission letter from a University? Well yes, you need to get a study visa from the embassy by showing the admission letter that you have gotten from Azeri University. Without a visa, you cannot enter the country.

You need different types of Azeri visas from the UK just like UK VISA FOR AZERBAIJAN CITIZENS are mandatory.