Different Exotic Pets that You Can Purchase or Adopt

Cats and dogs are normally the most preferred choice for people to have as pets, but many people are now adopting exotic species as pets. Since exotic pets generally require more maintenance, therefore, it is important for you to do more research before adopting them.  

What are Exotic pets?  

The term exotic is basically used for the wild animals that are taken into captivity. However, the scope of this concept has been broadened to cover all brought-in non-livestock. 

Certain species are classified as invasive under the legislation of several states. Some or all non-native animals may also be prohibited from being kept as pets under state and local legislation. These regulations are meant to safeguard exotic animals that need specialized care. 

Exotic creatures, including reptiles, amphibians, birds, non-native mammals, or captive specimens of native species, are prized for their mystique and beauty by many people.  

They give in to the urge to purchase exotic pets like lizards, snakes, and amphibians. However, unlike cats and dogs, these animals also desire love and proper care. But this thought is not given enough consideration. Animals are frequently bought for fun or as show freaks.  

Instead of supporting the cruel pet trade, consider adopting a creature, reptile, amphibian, or exotic animal if you have the time, money, and compassion to do so. 

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There are several categories of exotic pet species that you can adopt, including  

  • Reptiles  

The care of reptiles is more complicated than that of cats and dogs since they require less normal maintenance but have more particular demands. It’s vital to keep in mind that reptiles shouldn’t be hugged or caressed since they might spread hazardous infections to people. Always keep your pet reptile in a clean, and secure cage. 

Make sure you have enough room to suit your new pet’s size in a large enough cage or tank because some reptiles grow enormous. Additionally, because reptiles are heterothermic creatures, you might need to buy UV light to control their body temperature.  

By species, nutrient requirements differ. All types of snakes are carnivores. They are mostly fed frozen, already-killed rats. Depending on the species, lizards have more particular requirements. Insect eaters, herbivores, and carnivores are among those who need a greater variety of foods.  

With animals like turtles and tortoises you might be tempted to only feed your pet lettuce, diversity is important since your pet needs nutrients to develop. 

Some exotic reptiles that you can adopt include anoles, bearded dragons, and Chinese water dragons.  

  • Fennec Fox  

The Fennec Fox is a fantastic choice if you are seeking a unique and adorable exotic pet. When fully grown, these foxes are tiny, around the size of a Chihuahua dog. Fennec foxes may cost a lot of money and are difficult to find. However, as it gains popularity, it could become more widely available and less expensive. 

  • Sugar Gliders 

Sugar gliders are cute tiny marsupials who live in trees. They have thin skin membranes on either side of their body, similar to flying squirrels, which enable them to lift off from high elevations and glide to another spot.  

Because they are tiny and sociable creatures, sugar gliders are simple to care for and, with the right socialization, can be highly loving. 

  • Tarantula 

Although not for everyone, some owners find tarantulas to be interesting. It requires very little upkeep. Therefore, it makes a great pet. Additionally, it doesn’t need a lot of room or maintenance. 

  • Macaws 

Hyacinth macaws are stunning parrots that, in the appropriate environment, can make fantastic pets. Large cages and frequent interaction with their owners are necessary for these birds. They are incredibly clever yet boisterous when lonely or under stress. They may live up to 60 years, so you should prepare for the possibility that they might outlast you. 

Despite being enormous and frightening birds, they are reputed to have friendly dispositions. Hyacinth macaws are fantastic pets if given enough room. 

  • Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are among the friendliest and most docile lizards, making them one of the simplest to maintain.  

They are great to get as a pet and get along nicely with young people as long as they are taught how to handle them properly. One of the most well-liked pet reptiles is the bearded dragon. 

  • Python ball 

Although some pet owners may not view snakes as “exotic,” many regular pet owners find it uncommon to acquire a reptile. Due to the fact that you must feed them frozen or live mice and rats, keeping them is undoubtedly different from owning your typical cat or dog. The ball Python is one of the simplest and finest options for beginners among all the various pet snakes. 

If you have a strong desire for one, a ball python is among the most affordable of the several morphs and is simple to locate. 

Final Thought  

There is definitely an allure to having an exotic pet, and some pet owners like the concept of having a rare animal that most people don’t. If you are thinking of getting a pet, do your homework beforehand.  

While many of these creatures have highly specialized diets, habitats, etc., that you should know about before you bring them home, some of them are easier to care for than other “normal” pets.  

To own the property where you reside, you could require a permit, or it might not be legal at all. A homeowner’s association or your landlord should always be consulted. Considering that, even if it is lawful, your area of residence may prohibit or restrict their possession.