What is the Difference Between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

Difference Between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Salesforce service cloud and cloud service are the two vital features of the Salesforce platform. Both are cloud-based solutions, but there are significant differences between these two components of Salesforce service. Let’s know the differences between the sales cloud and the service cloud in this blog.

Note that: You have to sign up first to use these two different modules—Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Basic Difference Between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Salesforce service cloud generally deals with user-oriented services and problems. It helps sell the company’s services and products to root-level users. Moreover, based on the user’s experience service cloud analyzes issues to provide the necessary solution.

On the other hand, the Sales Cloud mainly focuses on the company’s growth, sales, leads, and potential opportunities. It tends to sell the business’s products, software, and services.

Differences in Feature

There is a lot of significant difference between these two cloud service features.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Features Salesforce Service Cloud Features
  1. Dashboard connection and theme reports
  2. Self-service portal system
  3. User’s activity and given task tracking
  4. Leads and opportunities
  1. Dedicated console system
  2. Case reporting and solution
  3. Chat service to the users
  4. Instant service with mobile

Sales Cloud deals with contact and account management, reporting to the dashboard, and software optimization issues.

However, the Service Cloud deals with customer problem-based services. That includes chat services, case handling, and instant responding services too.

As a whole, the Sales Cloud deals with the software functionalities of the business. On the other hand, the Service Cloud deals with basic service mechanisms.

Pragmatic Difference Between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Adaptation of Salesforce cloud platform improves marketing interaction of users. Moreover, it helps to make quick decisions by analyzing the current market condition. As a result, you will be able to complete faster deals in a more efficient form by using the Salesforce platform. Due to that, you will enjoy the highest return on your investment (ROI).

Likewise, obtaining a Service Cloud module increases productivity by directly connecting with the agent. Moreover, you will work from any place and any time with the amazing service adaptation.

Again, Service Cloud provides high security of data and confidential information to keep business secrecy. Quick reporting helps to solve any cases to avoid further problems. Service Cloud also helps identify the loopholes in business areas to grow them even higher.

Let’s see the table to identify the practical difference between sales cloud and service cloud

Salesforce sales cloud Salesforce service cloud
  • It is the sales module of the Salesforce CRM tool
  • It is the service program of Salesforce service
  • It generally provides web-to-lead support with automatic responding
  • it includes general customer services: self-service portal, call support, etc.
  • Clients who run sales-centric businesses use sales cloud service
  • Customers who run service-oriented business needs this cloud service
  • Basic features: Contracts of sales, predicting sales, finding opportunities
  • Basic features: direct customer services, problem-solving, field services


Salesforce cloud is a customer-oriented (CRM) platform that provides Sale Cloud and Service Cloud services to customers. Although these two services seem pretty similar in words, they have a significant difference.

However, both Salesforce cloud services modules help grow business on a large margin. So, identify the big differences between Salesforce Cloud modules to take your business to a higher level.


Follow the below list to know the answers to frequently asked questions on this topic.

Is Service Cloud the same as Service Cloud Salesforce?

No, service cloud is a product of service cloud salesforce. It is mainly a software manufacturing platform that provides CRM solutions to customers.

What is the Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce service cloud is a CRM software platform. It makes business development and maintenance easy and simple.

What are the different salesforce clouds?

There are different types of cloud services on offer from the Salesforce Cloud. Salesforce Cloud services are divided into six major types—Marketing Cloud,  Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Analytics Cloud.

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