Denver Fashion Week features adaptive clothing for first time.

The growing societal infatuation with quiet.

You may have noticed that the minimalist, neutral-toned realm of “quiet luxury” is TikTok’s newest fashion obsession if you’ve been hearing as much chatter about Kendall Roy’s most recent blazer on Succession as you have about his upcoming plans to keep Waystar Royco in the family. The growing societal infatuation with quiet luxury has evolved with a focus on pricey items from high-end companies that are intended to appear subtle (with a side of preppiness, of course). trapstar jacket

It is similar to the sophisticated older sibling of the 2010s “normcore” aesthetic. The fictitious Roy family from HBO’s Succession have unintentionally become trend-setters for this movement since the show’s last season, largely due to their “old-money” style of razor-sharp clothing that so many consumers are now striving to imitate.

Leandra Medine, a writer best known for her blog Man Repeller, recently described quiet luxury as being discrete and detached but also “so fancy, it’s fussy” in a Substack post. According to her, the look also includes “clothes that are sensible and functional but still manage to convey something class-related, like a Barbour coat.” This could be the reason why during her ski accident trial, Gwyneth Paltrow’s stylish courtroom attire—like her square-framed Caddis glasses—went viral.

One explanation could be that runway trends.

Or the reason why Sofia Richie’s gorgeous yet understated custom Chanel wedding attire garnered so much attention at her French wedding. Even Kendall Jenner, who is known for her elaborately embellished and accessorized Coachella ensembles, was at the festival wearing a very simple black gown. Money talks, riches whispers, as the adage goes, which. trapstar tshirt

So why are we now noticing this pattern emerging? (Apart from the throngs of watchers desperately searching for a less expensive alternative to Kendall Roy’s $500 Loro Piana cashmere baseball cap after Sunday night). One explanation could be that runway trends are moving away from the garish, logo-heavy designs of the previous decade, such as everything bearing the Gucci and Balenciaga labels.

Another would be Gen Z’s recent reversal away from the microtrends that are growing ever-faster, as a result of quick fashion merchants like Shein and the popularity of “haul” movies, and in favor of more durable, “investment” wardrobe items. Medine further says that historically, you may examine the economy and “use a forthcoming (or already present, depending on your POV) recession to quantify a desire to retreat inward aesthetically.”

Michelle Matland, the Succession movie’s costume designer, admitted in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that while she did purchase a number of costume items from budget-friendly retailers like Men’s Warehouse and Zara, she was unable to do the same for Kendall’s outfit. For Kendall, [the costumes we created with Jeremy Strong] are truly just from Tom Ford and Gucci, really the finest of the best. One of them is this Tom Ford bomber jacket, which is rib-knit from a blend of merino wool and cashmere and has a gently cushioned suede front. When the weather gets colder, wear it with a roll-neck.

One of them is this Tom Ford bomber jacket.

You should wear these Lanvin Runner Sneakers if you want to make an impression at a pitch meeting with mostly millennials. These low-top trainers feature a lightweight, flexible style that’s ideal for pacing while you wait for the Wall Street trading floor to open in the morning. They are composed of polyester and calfskin leather. The calfskin lining features the Lanvin logo and is both practical and eye-catching, adding a very subtle touch of classy branding.

Steve Madden’s Posses trainers are a great option if you want the same sweeping lines of a big molded sole and blocks of color. The mesh top gives them a more athletic look, but no matter how you dress them, they can go from closing negotiations to casual Friday (the additional 2-inch height bump is also a significant advantage). Want to make it even easier? These black New Balances embody the phrase “elevated basics” (although the hypebeasts have already started to sell those out). trapstar shirt

Roman often wears cotton or linen shirts like this one from Italian luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli, giving him a more “down-to-earth” image than Kendall does while displaying his money. It has two pockets at the chest, a slightly loose shape, and an effortlessly casual vibe that goes well with more affordable clothing (like Roman’s Cole Haan tennis shoes from last season).

It has two pockets at the chest, slightly loose.

In the windy months of Succession, “Romulus” is usually wearing a traditional grey coat; while topcoats and trench coats, in general, have been having a moment, this one is especially stylish. The Italian cashmere wool coat from Norwegian Wool is “engineered for downtown commuting business professionals,” which entails that it’s perfect for layering under a suit or sport coat. You’ll be warm and ready for any situation (including hostile takeovers) thanks to your down-filled, fully-lined, waterproof, and windproof outerwear. trapstar cap

There is more to the realm of silent luxury than Alexander McQueen jumpsuits and Ralph Lauren power jackets. The quiet luxury approach is perfectly complemented by Swedish design company Totême, which focuses on providing a contemporary wardrobe that “defies trends in favor of signature style.” This large turtleneck pullover is constructed from incredibly cozy “cashmere-kissed wool yarn” and is inspired by Shiv’s (really rather readily) cloneable aesthetic. Do you see a pattern in this material? However, although having a relatively casual cut, the jumper has a more upmarket appearance than conventional “corporate-casual” attire.