Dead or Alive 6: where to play and its characters

‘Dead or Alive 6’ lands on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with many new features and two unknown characters. Do not miss the details of one of the most relevant fighting games of the moment.

It has taken almost seven years for the latest installment of the saga originally created by Tomonobu Itagaki to see the light. Dead or Alive 6 will be available on March 1 . Among its novelties, the presence of new fighters stands out, as well as a new combo and a system of easy-to-execute special attacks designed to attract novice players.

In the graphic section, the sixth chapter has significantly improved its appearance, adapting to the current generation of consoles. And regarding the gameplay, it remains faithful to the saga, with intense fights and interactive scenarios.

Creating a good fighting game

The numerous criticisms that the previous title received (due to the exaggerated presence of micropayments and the exuberant female figures) have led the developers to focus all their attention on creating a good fighting game , avoiding those negative points as much as possible (although the women of the game are still practically as flashy).

And it is that one of the main goals of Team Ninja (this time with Yohei Shimbori as Director and Taku Sugawara as designer) is to gain a foothold in esports , but without neglecting the other sections of the game.

Apparently, the heads of two of the most relevant fighting sagas in the sector ( Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive ) have set out to elevate the fighting genre to the top and recover all types of gamers who , in recent times, they have gone to the battle royale. And the move has not gone wrong: those who have already been able to try the game assure that Dead or Alive 6 has all the ballots to become one of the best fighting games of the year.

Game modes

The plot of the Story Mode is once again led by Kasumi, a reference for the entire saga, who will have to discover the intentions of a sinister plan that has been set in motion. The events continue as they ended in the previous plot: Kasumi abandons his companions and exiles herself to a mountain. But the peace soon ends when she discovers the evil plans of other individuals whom she must stop.

In addition, the fighter Honoka (which we already saw in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round ) will take on more prominence. Among its peculiarities, the power to imitate the movements of the opponents stands out, something that attracts the attention of many of them.

Regarding the classic game modes, the Fight section has Versus (fast combat), Arcade (the same character fights in different fights fulfilling a personal story), Time Attack (the time component is included in battles) and Survival (the character must survive the greatest number of battles with different enemies).

It also has a special mode: the DoA Mission (in which different missions are proposed that must be fulfilled in a certain battle) and, of course, the Training mode (to improve skills), Online and DoA Central .


In this installment there are a total of 25 fighters. In addition to Kasumi, other classics like Helena, Hayate, Hayabusha or Ayane return. But there are also two new faces:


A street fighter who arrives from New York City (where he is considered the king of the alleys) convinced by the tournament’s participant selector to participate. His urban combat style contrasts with the Eastern styles of the rest.


A scientist from the MIST organization, known as the Azure Flash Cybertechnician . She is a more than interesting fighter who has some gloves made by herself and that give electric shocks to her opponents.

Dead or Alive 6 goes on sale on March 1 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.