Where is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Brother David Now? How He Disappeared

It’s been over 25 years since Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested for the murders of 17 men and boys. Since then, his surviving brother David has tried to stay out of the public eye. In this article,

we will explore where David Dahmer is now and how he has managed to disappear from the public eye. We will also look at what he has said about his brother and the crimes he committed.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Brother David

Jeffrey Dahmer’s younger brother, David, was just 11 years old when his brother went on a killing spree that shocked the nation. After the trial and sentencing, David largely disappeared from public view. So, what happened to him?

David Dahmer has kept a low profile since his brother’s arrest and conviction. He changed his last name and moved out of state. Not much is known about his current whereabouts or what he’s doing now.

Some reports say that he’s living a quiet life with a family of his own. Others say that he’s struggled with addiction and mental health issues in the years since his brother’s crimes came to light.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that David Dahmer wants nothing to do with the notoriety that comes with being related to one of America’s most infamous serial killers. And who can blame him?

What David Dahmer is up to Now

As of 2021, Dahmer’s brother David is living a relatively quiet life in Wisconsin. He has largely stayed out of the public eye since Jeffrey’s arrest and subsequent death, although he did give an interview to ABC News in 1994.

In the interview, he spoke about his brother’s troubling childhood and how their parents’ divorce affected him.

He also spoke about his own relationship with Jeffrey, saying that he loved him but didn’t always understand him.

Since then, David has largely remained out of the spotlight. He did not participate in the 2017 docuseries “Conversations with a Killer:

The Ted Bundy Tapes” or the 2020 podcast “My Brother, The Serial Killer.” It is unclear if he is still in contact with any members of his family.

How David Disappeared

In the early hours of July 22, 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after police discovered evidence of his horrific crimes.

Among the gruesome details that emerged was the fact that Dahmer had kept the skulls of several of his victims as souvenirs.

Dahmer’s younger brother, David, was living in Ohio at the time and working as a photographer. He learned about his brother’s arrest from news reports and immediately drove to Milwaukee.

David gave interviews with journalists and spoke out publicly about his brother’s crimes. He also cooperated with authorities, providing them with information about Jeffrey’s childhood and adolescence.

In the wake of the publicity surrounding the case, David struggled to maintain a normal life. His marriage ended in divorce and he lost his job. He eventually moved out of state and changed his name.

Today, David is living a quiet life far from the media spotlight. He has rebuilt his career and is raising a family. He has never spoken publicly about Jeffrey Dahmer or his crimes again.


Although it has been over two decades since Jeffrey Dahmer’s gruesome crimes came to light, his brother David remains largely out of the public eye.

It is clear that the tragedy of his brother’s actions has had a profound and lasting impact on him, and one can only hope that he has found some measure of peace in the intervening years.

Whether or not he will ever choose to speak publicly about his experiences is, of course, entirely up to him.