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Custom Hot Dog Box Packaging:

Are you running a food truck and worried about the sales? Do you wish to elevate the brand’s status and beat the rivals? You must wonder how to differentiate hot dogs from the rest as containing the same ingredients. Packaging is the reflection of the inside products. Food lovers taste their loveable foods through their eyes—the charming presentation of the yummiest fast-food influences them to buy.

Hot Dog Box Packaging in Eye-Grabbing and Innovational Styles:

Achieving success in the food business seems challenging. But you can flourish hot dog business with the assistance of our skilled manufacturers. The box’s style acts as the mirror of a product. Our packaging creators can create peculiar designs of boxes to entice the customers and safeguard the hot dogs. We manufacture custom
Hot Dog Trays with double and high wall trays on your demands. Besides this, our options include the following:

  1. tray and sleeve packaging
  2. reverse tuck hot dog boxes
  3. auto-bottom tray

Use of Top-Notch and Sustainable Manufacturing Material:

Hot dogs are vulnerable to moisture and contamination. It becomes significant to preserve the taste of mouthwatering hot dogs and guard them against contamination, water, heat, etc. we apply superb quality and durable material at economical prices. Our packaging material includes:

1. Kraft:

kraft is lightweight and robust. It is regarded as one of the aptest materials to pack hot dogs. It is 100% food grade and does not infect hot dogs.

2. Cardboard:

Like kraft paper, cardboard is also recyclable. You can reuse the cardboard packaging without polluting the surroundings. In addition, cardboard retains the freshness and natural aroma of food items.

Fascinating Printing Designs for Hot Dog Packaging

the primary purpose of printing is to give the packaging an alluring and intriguing appearance. We utilize high-end and advanced printing tools and machines to create authentic results. Our prints do not fade and last longer. To increase the value of the custom hot dog boxes, we offer the following:

  • digital printing
  • offset printing

both of these printing procedures are reliable and produce authentic prints. Regarding the color printing, you can hand-pick one or full-color printing of the box. We employ two color schemes.

CMYK: it contains four colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and key color Black)

PMS:  stands for (Pantone Matching System) which produces endless color shades.

However, you are free to choose the no printing option if you are not in for printings of the box.

Coating Options to Add Glare to the Packaging:

Coatings are ranked among one the most effective customized solutions. After the printings of the box, we make use of laminations to add a protective layer that secures the packaging from damage.

Our coating options involve the following:

  • gloss lamination
  • matt lamination
  • aqueous coating
  • spot UV

1) Gloss finish

The use of gloss adds shimmer and glare to the surface of the packaging. it reflects the light and highlights marks, scuffs, and stains on the box. moreover, it is resistant to contamination and sunburn.

2)Matt finish

Matt’s finish provides smoothness of your hot dog boxes canada. it strengthens the packaging and makes it durable against marks and smudges etc.

Laminations make packaging worth able as they add smooth and shinier touch and are endurable to traveling shocks. On the other hand, finishings increase the vibrancy of colors and highlight the logo. The application of add-ons provides safety and beauty as well.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes for Custom Hot Dog Boxes?

There exist plenty of packaging companies, so it becomes a strenuous task to pick a reliable one. Experience our services, and we are one of the leading packaging manufacturers in the USA and Canada.

  • Following are some of our company’s characteristics that differentiate us from our opponents.
  • We deliver orders all over the USA and Canada without cost.
  • Our designers make sure the order is ready on time and deliver it to your doorsteps safely.
  • Our good nature customer service team is approachable at any time.
  • For clients’ satisfaction, we provide 2D and 3D free physical samples before the commencement of the process.
  • Plates and die-cuts also cost you nothing.
  • We offer exceptional services at competitive costs.