Cat and I are collaborating today to give away one digital customized portrait of two people or pets. You can use your custom portrait to make prints, invitations, stationary, and other items.

If you didn’t already know, catplusmouse is our obsession! We purchased a unique family portrait illustration of our family for our third wedding anniversary, and I’m sure we’ll be purchasing more as our family grows (Don’t get too excited, mum. More animals result from the additions.

My husband and I had been together for nearly 6 years before getting married, and we had been married for nearly 9 years before having Robyn, our only child. During that time, we had many opportunities for romantic dates for Valentine’s Day, our anniversaries (we have two), birthdays, and other occasions.


Huth was speaking to a client who had acquired a portrait gift certificate years earlier but had never used it when the episode started. The customer wanted to give her father a picture of his entire extended family as a gift. The difficulty: There are ten custom family portrait groups dispersed throughout the East Coast who infrequently, if ever, congregated in one location at the same time.

Huth sympathized, saying that her most recent family portrait had to done without her son, whom she digitally clipped from a previous portrait and inserted into the more recent image just so she could have a picture of the entire family. That sparked a thought.


Continue reading if you want to learn how to express your love and gratitude to that special someone in your life. (On the other hand, see the next section if you’d prefer to give him or her something enjoyable.) You can make any special day unforgettable for that important person in your life by using one or more photos that are close to your heart.

Commission a Family Portrait Painting

When we hear the phrase “family portrait,” we may envision hiring a photographer and loading the kids into a van to travel to an obscure outdoor location for a staged photo shoot. There are, however, additional options to consider when deciding how to best capture your family’s portrait. Portrait painting and also check this topposttoday.

Once thought to be a luxury only available to the wealthy, now provides a sophisticated opportunity to recreate our family members’ best features and characteristics. As we previously stated, obtaining an art commission through a gallery is simpler than you might think.


A family portrait created a professional artist on commission is a particular and original way. To show your affection for your loved ones.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of commissioning art. It’s the process of collaborating with an artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. Based on your ideas and the artist’s unique style. The commission is typically handled by gallery professionals. Who are skilled at identifying and exploring your needs and matching them with the ideal artist. Family portraits are an excellent use of the art commission process.

A painted family portrait is a preferable alternative due to its many advantages. A family can share a fun experience during the process. A painted portrait is a unique piece of art that you may personalize to go with your interior design. You would hard-pressed to find a more unique and considerate gift to give your family. If you were looking for one. The “big revelation” is one of the highlights of the experience as a surprise gift.