CureMD EMR for small practices – Top features, Pricing, and, Reviews


CureMD’s platform is designed with the needs of medical professionals in mind. CureMD offers an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to finish their work quickly while maintaining professionalism at every turn.

  • CureMD offers all of its customer’s access to the company’s electronic medical records and practice management tools.
  • CureMD’s one-size fits all solution is likely to be too much for some companies.
  • CureMD is a medical software provider that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers. It offers an easy-to-use interface with many features, making it perfect for those looking into CureMD’s services or already using them.

CureMD is the best medical software provider because it makes everything so easy to find and use! With their electronic health record (EHR), you also get practice management system tools like PMSs, which helps doctors be more efficient with patient care.

Why CureMD Is Best for Ease of Use

CureMD medical software dashboard is like a social media feed, which makes it intuitive to navigate. This straightforward interface has features that can be accessed in one or two clicks from almost anywhere within the system with ease of use for whoever uses this program as well because all integrations are similarly easygoing – making them perfect replacements if you’re looking elsewhere on your doctors’ advice.

Key Takeaway: CureMD interface is so easy to navigate because it resembles a social media feed. You can typically get from one feature to another in just two clicks!


  • An up-to-date drug knowledge base
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Complete medication history from pharmacies
  • Mail order and retail pharmacies
  • Age & weight-based dose adjustment
  • Process refill requests through the patient portal and pharmacies
  • Controlled substance e-prescribing
  • Real-time prescription eligibility and formulary


  • There is a limited hands-on practice management consulting.
  • The vendor has a poor response to Better Business Bureau (BBB) customer complaints.


  • When it comes to medical software, CureMD offers the best user experience. Their interface looks like a social media feed – designed for convenience and ease-of-use by those who are already spending time on Facebook daily.
  • CureMD is the ultimate solution for all of your testing needs. From simple blood tests to complex genetic analysis, CureMD has you covered with an intuitive user interface and seamless integrations into lab software like Lab Manager or BioReady Software.
  • CureMD’s user interface is customizable and can be set to each user’s preference. You’ll find that CureMD only takes you where the need goes, so there are no more windows open with different functions in them for confusion or distraction while working on your project!
  • The CureMD software is so easy to navigate that even if you have questions, they provide one-on-one training for advanced functions.

CureMD Features

  • CureMD patient portal empowers your practice with the flexibility and outreach it needs to thrive in today’s competitive practice of medicine.
  • Reducing cognitive overload, supporting unique workflows and clinical approaches CureMD’s specialty specific, template-driven, point and click technology enables accurate, complete and faster encounter documentation.
  • CureMD provide the tools to manage the quality and standardization of care processes to reduce the variability in clinical practice and improve outcomes.
  • Advanced Personalization capabilities, Meaningful Use dashboards
  • Full duplex information interoperability for labs, pharmacies, devices, DICOM supported imaging hospital information systems, clearinghouses, devices, patients, providers.
  • Multiple training options (online/onsite) integration/interfacing, migration, workflow analysis and re-design, change and project management, Hardware / IT procurement and support services.

Other Feature Include:

KPI dashboards, Intelligent Billing HIE Interfaces Advanced Personalization capabilities
Document imaging, Preventive care eLearning center Dedicated account manager
Workflow management, clinical decision support Meaningful Use dashboards Fast track implementation
eFax KPI Dashboard Intelligent Billing
Lab Interface Online Payments Free Upgrades
Auto Backups HIPAA compliant CCHIT Certified Comprehensive EHR

CureMD’s Cost

CureMD is a pricing service for providers. To receive an accurate quote, you need to provide them with information about your practice and its volume levels so they can calculate costs accordingly!

CureMD Setup

CureMD’s customer success coaches are available for new users. They can help your team get up to speed quickly without much of a learning curve – although if you need data migration assistance, the implementation period could take 4 to 6 weeks.

CureMD’s Customer Service

CureMD’s customer support is free, available 24/7 and offers ongoing training. Many healthcare IT vendors don’t provide this type of guidance or assistance when integrating their solutions into your environment so it’s great that CureMD does.

Overall Value

This platform has the potential to be great. They could do a better job at browser independence and making their app more user-friendly for people who want access through android mobile devices or desktop browsers.