Cricket betting guide- Tips that help you to strike big

In a country like India, cricket is more than a game. It has been part of the Indian culture and via ancillary avenues has gone on to generate a substantial amount of revenue. One thing is for sure Indians are avid followers of the game. Most of the cricketers are treated as gods and worshipped. The popularity of the Indian team in the last few years has contributed to its success. There are millions of supporters who have gone on to create a natural stir when it comes to online betting. WBBL prediction has also gone on to evolve at an extensive level in this form of betting.

Let us understand the process of cricket betting online with a degree of convenience. So, before you go ahead there are various protocols that you need to consider while going ahead.

Do you think online betting is legal in India?

This question would be at the forefront when it comes to beginners. Among the gambling act, it goes on to distinguish the various forms of beginners. Online betting turns out to be a legal one. Hence it is not suggested that you are not breaking any laws or rules.

What are the types of games that you can bet on

Cricket betting has gone on to gain popularity in the last few years. It is fair to say that after football, this has gone on to become the second most followed sport. Numerous types of cricket games, leagues, along with tournaments are there to bet. Once you have a comprehensive understanding of the betting process it has gone on to place a bet.

The governing body for cricket is ICC, and the responsibility for planning out cricket tournaments lies with them. You need to keep a track of the various cricket tournaments and then plan out your betting schedule accordingly.

  • Test cricket- any form of an international cricket match, there are 11 players involved from both teams. There are a couple of innings for each team, and it is played over a period of 5 days. During the course of a test match, you can expect a win, a loss or a draw. The ICC has gone on to give permanent playing rights to 10 major cricketing nations of the world. It is to ensure that the standard of test cricket continues to remain intact on all counts.
  • One-day cricket- This is a cricket game that is played over a period of 50 overs. As the game is played over a single day, you can expect the results also to emerge in a single day. There are several tournaments related to the same, and the most popular among them is the ICC world cup cricket. The ICC champions trophy was also held, but it has been scrapped in the last few years.
  • T 20- It is one of the exciting and popular forms of formats that has grabbed all the attention in the last few years. A lot of credit is due to the IPL where not only do people watch the game live but even on TV the number of followers is large. Between the months of April to May, this event is held and it is normally held on a home-and-away basis. The cricket buffs are presented with an opportunity to bet and earn substantial money while indulging in IPL betting.

There are plenty of options for cricket enthusiasts to place a bet. Once again, it is dependent upon the format and the tournament where you can look forward to placing a bet. Every competition panel is going to assure you of the best resources that are available.

The golden rule that you need to follow in betting is you should place a bet on more than what you can afford. There is a need to understand the cricket odd bets, and placing the bets turns out to be a fundamental guideline. Before you place any bets calculating the odds works out to be vital. Cricket betting is an interesting subject that requires in-depth guidelines, in-play variables, and understanding in detail. You have to take all the available cricket news into consideration. Such analysis will help you with a plan before you engage in online betting.

  • Before you go on to place a bet check out the ratings along with the analysis. Every cricket team, along with players, has ratings and points that depend upon their performance in a game of cricket. Since the teams are ranked accordingly, it gives an idea of how a particular team is performing during the course of the year.
  • Cricket is an outdoor game, and the weather outside has a major impact on how the game is played. When you are placing bets on a cricket game, it is better that you check out the weather. It is going to provide information regarding the outcome of the game. On a particular day there is major rain all around the place, and do expect the game to be canceled. So it is vital that you take all the above pointers into account before you go on to place a bet.
  • The location is an integral component during the course of a betting game. For example, in countries like India the pitch could turn out to be a spinner’s paradise, whereas, in Australia, it could end up helping the fast bowlers. So you need to place a bet accordingly based on the location where the game is played.

Besides these pointers, there are other factors that influence the outcome of the game. The toss of the coin could have significant implications in the game of cricket. For example, a team winning the toss may decide to bat, ball or field depending upon the conditions. Team experience is also important as you need to undertake proper research before you go on to choose a team of your choice. There are certain types of teams that are known to perform best in their home.