Creative UI/UX Design Trends that will Rule In 2022

If we think about the design trends in 2021, things like bright colors and playful shapes come to mind. All across brochures, posters, print art, etc., we could see them used because everyone needed a boost in optimism and consumer trust after the 2020 pandemic period.

That is still very much needed, but for creative UI/UX services, there is a more composed and minimalistic approach. Things like whimsical colors, gradients that give off a relaxing vibe, and monochromes with strategic color splashes are guaranteed to be at the forefront of 2022 designs.

But just because they will be more composed doesn’t mean they will be boring. From tonal colors adding a certain elegance in packaging to monochrome graphic design that looks inspired by the 60s, 2022 graphic design companies will offer a sense of calm with a splash of excitement. And with the return of live events, we also see sub-trends like 90s-era cyberpunk and gig collages.

Companies that offer digital marketing services will definitely use these trends in their 2022 graphic designs.

Designs in 2021

In 2021, digital marketing companies and web design firms were at the forefront of design trends. That is why designs that promote optimism have been super popular, and things like nostalgia marketing have been in demand.

It helped people remember the good old days before the pandemic turned everything on its head in 2020.

As stated above, the design also reflected all of this, the geometric yet childlike design trends that seemed to be everywhere. And the use of vintage-style designs made up for the nostalgia factor. These things will most likely continue in 2022 but more subtly.

What Will be the Design Trends in 2022 for Graphic Design Companies?

The expected trends that will take the lead in 2022 are:

  • Gig collages
  • Cyberpunk
  • Black and white
  • Deep, tonal colors
  • Subtle gradients
  • Colorful minimalism
  • Layering photography with type

Layering Photography with Type

Layering doesn’t just work in winters; it also works in photography. Putting photography with type is incredibly chic nowadays. For instance, using superimposed typography on top of a photo can make a design super intriguing and give it a different feel from the orderly approach of grid-based photography.

There are other ways to use type and photography together, such as:

  • Utilizing handwritten scripts with portraits for an informal look
  • Or using images with bulkier sans serif type to have a powerful impact on the audience

Anarchic typography will also be seen in the design trends this year as it is a big part of creating the opposite of overly digitized designs while still making the layouts super compelling.

Gig Collages

As social gatherings have started happening again, print design with parties, festivals, and get-togethers will be all the rage in 2022.

Modern versions of the gig culture might make a strong appearance, especially in the case of live music concerts.

For clarification, gig collages are a trend that involves roughly chopping and arranging photos to create posters. It can also be a tribute to the collage-style posters from the vintage punk and grunge eras.

So, in 2022, this technique will make posters more energetic and add movement to artwork, flyers, and other print design objects. And digital marketing companies will also be using them for front-end development.


With the hype and release of The Matrix Resurrections at the end of 2021, 2022 will be a year that will revive the cyberpunk aesthetics started by the original series in the 90s. Things like:

  • Futuristic designs
  • 90s style type
  • Dark backgrounds
  • Acid or neon green highlights, etc.,

are going to be reigning in this trend.

Add a dystopian edge to all this, and you have got yourself a trend that will definitely appeal to the masses.

Another thing that the cyberpunk aesthetic will consist of is space styling, with super shiny silver print finishes and unusual yet unique packaging designs. There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to this trend. And creative UI/UX services should know how to manipulate them for better outcomes.

Colorful Minimalism

Simplicity is the way to go, which is why minimalism is a favorite among graphic designers, especially those that have grown up with modernist design. It rarely loses its appeal, and in 2022, we will see it everywhere but with a twist – an added spark of a dash of color, which will embellish the entire design.

Be it a simple stripe or a color-pop style board – it will add a bit of OOMPH to the design and lift the monochrome-ness of the prints with a stunning splash of color. You can even see many social media marketing campaigns going about the same trend.

Black and White

Strictly colorless minimalism is a favorite among creative UI/UC services, which is why black and white will be a big part of 2022 design trends. But it can be elevated by different techniques, such as:

  • Using texture to add lift to monochromatic designs
  • Experimenting with UV gloss on an otherwise simple black logo
  • Creating graphics that will catch the light in various ways to give an edge, etc.

These are just some ways that can level up simpler designs.

Also, adding depth to a flat monochromatic design through texture use is a simple yet effective way to add dimension to your design, such as using textured paper stock for simple stationery or book covers.

Subtle Gradients

Constantly seeing a design trend around us can get really tiring, which is why those acid-bright gradients have lost their appeal.

It’s high time to take a new route, and thankfully, subtle and muted gradients are on the rise in use. They have the same purpose; adding texture and quality to the background of the stationary design.

A great example of these is watercolor effects. Their aqueous texture and soothing vibe contribute to an unmatched elegance in a range of designs.

Deep, Tonal Colors

Since comfort is the main goal in design for 2022, graphic designers are moving away from the super bright neon and pastel colors that have been used in print for the last couple of years.

Instead, they are going for more muted, tonal colors that look soothing while also giving off a calming vibe. Putting them together with elegant serif fonts creates the perfect pairing for print.

Tonal colors are known for working well together, which results in a flawless palette that:

  • Does not overcrowd the senses and is visually pleasing
  • Adds warmth and enthusiasm to the design

But there can be too much of a good thing, so designers need to be careful of overly muting a design. For instance, digital marketing services can use a series of winter-themed colors across a series of packaging designs for a brand that will be highly impactful, especially when displayed on store shelves.


The optimistic design will be a thing for the next few years, with the impact of COVID and everything. That is why graphic design companies are trying to implement 2021 design trends in a subtle and muted way. So that all of us who view them feel a sense of comfort and support. Things like palpable textures, harmonic colors, graceful serifs, and layered photography will make up most of the aesthetic in designs via creative UI/UX services agencies.

Plus, public events involving arts and culture will play a significant role in 2022’s social scene.

Live music festivals, movie screenings, drive-in theaters, exhibitions, and other activities will be held throughout the country to give people a sense of normalcy after nearly two years of the pandemic.

So, if you want your business to make the most of 2022 design trends, then look no further.

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