Clear Aligners – What is it and how does it work


With technological advances in Dentistry, much has been said about their application in Orthodontics, which is the specialty that corrects the position of improperly positioned teeth and jaw bones, contributing to improvements in patients’ smiles. And one of the most sought-after treatments is those that use clear aligners.

This type of orthodontic correction presents better aesthetics and comfort to the patient, not to mention the speed with which it happens.

It’s about the use of clear aligners that we’re going to talk about in today’s post. Continue reading to clarify all your doubts about this treatment.

What is the difference between clear braces and an invisible aligner?

Many people end up confusing the clear braces with the invisible aligner or invisible braces. However, there is indeed a difference between them.

In general, while the clear braces or sapphire braces are a more discreet version of the conventional metal fixed braces, the invisible aligner is a set of removable transparent plates, used to correct the positioning of the teeth.

Therefore, the transparent device is composed of sapphire brackets, glued to the teeth and fixed in the patient’s mouth until the end of the treatment. As is already known, fixed appliances make oral hygiene difficult for the patient, but they can be used by patients who need orthodontic treatment regardless of the complexity of the case.

The aligners are removable transparent plates, that is, the patient can take them off to eat and clean their teeth. However, it is a treatment that depends on the patient’s cooperation and, when the patient follows the guidelines given by the professional, the result of the planned case is quickly achieved.

What are the benefits of clear aligners?

We can say that there are several advantages of using clear aligners . Below we list everything you know about the benefits of opting for this type of orthodontic treatment.

Aesthetics: when you can’t see the device

The clear aligner is practically imperceptible and this is one of the main reasons for seeking this treatment. Aligners correct the alignment of teeth without drawing attention to the treatment, thus giving patients more confidence and self-esteem in their daily lives.

The only fixed appliance that outperforms aligners in terms of aesthetics is the lingual appliance (glued to the lingual surface of the teeth).

you can eat anything:

As the aligners are easily removed, it is possible to eat normally any food, without worrying about damaging or detaching braces, as in the case of transparent fixed braces.

Ease of cleaning:

Ease of cleaning is another advantage of clear aligners. This is for both the teeth and the device itself, because when you remove it, you can sanitize it, and you will also be able to brush and floss with ease, thus avoiding the accumulation of food between your teeth.

More Comfort:

As they are developed in a totally personalized way, through digital orthodontics, and have a very thin thickness (on average, 0.75 mm), the transparent aligners are very comfortable and do not create volume capable of bothering the tongue, lips or cheek region. Therefore, we can say that they do not hurt your mouth.

Usage time:

The time of use of clear aligners is much shorter when compared to other types of treatment. Obviously, the desired results will depend on your initial oral condition and what is planned for your case.

However, the usage time is usually around six months or even a year. Many patients complete treatment in about 9 months. Everything will depend on the initial complexity of the case.

What is the best clear aligner?

When choosing the best Invisalign aligners, it is important to analyze some essential issues. Among them we can mention:

  • Cost benefit of the treatment: the patient needs to take into account the amounts that will be invested in the aligner and which of the brands available on the market can offer the best treatment, at the most affordable cost.
  • Delivery time for aligners: some brands can take up to 90 days to deliver this type of device.
  • Support: having a wide support network is another factor that must be considered before choosing the brand of the aligner, because if there is any damage to the device, the ideal is to seek the exchange of the mold and the support of the dentist as soon as possible.
  • Brand differentials: it is important to analyze whether the brand you chose has any differential or bonus in the treatment, being able to offer you even more advantages while using your aligner.
  • Quality and innovation: Evaluate the quality of the materials with which the clear aligner is produced and the brand’s level of innovation.


Transparent aligners, also called invisible aligners are nothing more than orthodontic appliances used to reposition teeth with aesthetics and comfort for the patient.

There are now several commercial brands of aligners available, but the most traditional and best-known company is Ensmile.

Invisalign works by aligning the teeth without the need for brackets or metal wires, as in conventional orthodontic appliances. It is suitable both for simpler cases and for those with a high level of complexity.

That is, it can be recommended for patients with:

  • Overbite: the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth;
  • Prognathism: the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth;
  • Crossbite: only some of the upper teeth fit into a position behind the lower teeth;
  • Diastemas: extra spaces between the teeth;
  • Open bite: the upper teeth do not touch the lower teeth when the mouth closes;
  • Crowded teeth: There is not enough space in the bite for a natural fit of the teeth.

This treatment is planned with the aid of a software, which allows the manipulation of the movement of the teeth, according to the indication of the orthodontist. It is performed using a set of transparent removable plates, which are exchanged in an average of 7 to 14 days.

Through case planning with the iTero Element scanner, it is possible for the patient to visualize and understand how their treatment will evolve, through the simulation in this software.

With the treatment planned virtually, it is possible to request the 3D printing of the invisible aligners, which are transparent removable plates to change the position of the teeth.

The main advantages of using Invisalign aligners are:

  • It is the most aesthetic and imperceptible method of orthodontic treatment, as it is tailored to the patient’s arch;
  • It is more comfortable, as it does not require the use of braces and does not hurt the mouth;
  • It is much more practical as it can be removed at any time. However, the schedule for using the aligners should be followed according to the treatment plan;
  • It facilitates oral hygiene, as you can remove the device to brush your teeth and clean the clear aligner.

How long does it take to align teeth with clear aligners?

As we have already said, the treatment using clear aligners is done through plates and, respecting the planning of the orthodontist.

The average use of each plate is between 7 to 14 days and this is important to stimulate the movement of teeth. The aligners are manufactured sequentially so that the teeth are moved as planned by the professional.

In order to achieve success in this treatment, it is essential for the patient to cooperate with the use of aligners, for about 20 hours a day.

Although the plates can be removed, it is only recommended that this happens, throughout the treatment, at the time of feeding and oral hygiene of the patient.

As for the total duration of clear aligner treatment, it may vary depending on the intended results and the patient’s initial condition.

On average, treatments with clear aligners can range from 6 months (for lighter, simpler movements) to 18 months (for more complex movements). Only the planning carried out by your orthodontist will be reliable to define the ideal treatment time.

How much braces cost in Pakistan?

What will determine the exact value of your treatment will be the planning of your case and the number of plates involved for the correction of your teeth. Invisible braces price in Pakistan varies case to case. The Average price of invisible braces in Pakistan is between PKR 125,000/- to 150,000/-.

But remember, only your orthodontist will be able to clarify all your doubts.

Clear aligners before and after

Before indicating the clear aligners, the professional performs an intraoral scan to make the virtual treatment planning.

With the use of the intraoral scanner, he is able to create a virtual model of the patient’s mouth , with a reading of his entire dental arch. Once the scan is performed, the dentist and patient can visualize how the current oral situation is and what can be done to correct the problem presented.

In the case of Invisalign, the orthodontist can use the specific software to perform the virtual manipulation of the movement of the teeth, thus pointing out the improvements that the treatment can provide to the patient.

From this planning, the dentist can analyze the final result of the treatment, through the computer screen, as well as know how many aligners will be needed to treat the case.

How to put on clear aligners: what’s the first step?

To place the clear aligners it is necessary, first of all, to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist.

After analyzing the professional and identifying your problem, he will be able to indicate the best treatment for your case. In some cases, the orthodontist may still order the necessary tests to make a complete diagnosis.

After studying the exams and evaluating the patient, it is possible to establish the treatment plan and, then, start your orthodontic treatment.

For the correct execution of the treatment, a good planning is essential. In the case of clear aligners, the orthodontist performs an intraoral scan of the patient’s mouth.

The next step is to perform a virtual simulation of the movement of the teeth. Through the treatment programming made by the software, it is possible to visualize and understand all the treatment stages.

This means that treatment with clear aligners is tailor-made to promote greater comfort and effective results.

After simulating the results and understanding the patient, the aligners are approved. In other words, the transparent plates are pressed in 3D printers with high quality standards, by the companies responsible, and then sent to your orthodontist’s office, who will contact you to schedule the beginning of the treatment.

It is worth remembering that the plates must be changed every 7 or 14 days, according to the indication of the professional.

Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners is ideal for those who want to maintain a more natural appearance when making all the necessary corrections to their teeth. With this technology, everything is done with tranquility and comfort.

One of the biggest doubts of patients is precisely about how to clean Invisalign.

In summary, cleaning is quite simple, as the aligner is removable, all teeth hygiene is done just like those who don’t wear braces.

Before replacing your aligners after meals, you should brush your teeth and floss.

Caring for the clear aligner also involves always keeping it in the case to avoid loss and breakage, avoiding smoking to prevent it from turning yellow, and washing the aligners with warm water or special cleaning crystals.


With more than 30 years of experience and recognition in the market, Ensmile has as its differential the specialization in Lingual Orthodontics and Invisible Orthodontics, in addition to the great knowledge in orthodontic treatment in adults.

The treatment with aligners indicated by our professionals consists of the use of transparent plates pressed in the laboratory and removable, which promote smaller movements in the teeth.

In this treatment system, the plates must present a behavior of linear elasticity and resistance to perform the light and continuous forces necessary for the tooth to be brought to the desired position.

The main gain for the patient is visual, since the aligner is practically imperceptible in the smile.

In addition to the aesthetic advantage, since the clear aligners are almost imperceptible, the treatment performed by Ensmile brings other benefits to both the dentist and the patient. Are they:

  • Easy removal of the eating apparatus;
  • Practicality for hygiene (brushing and flossing);
  • There is no food restriction, you can eat as much as you like without prejudice to the treatment and care of your aligner;
  • Possibility of predicting the stages and stages of treatment by the virtual planning method, based on three-dimensional (3D) technology;
  • Comfort, thanks to their minimal thickness, they don’t create volume and don’t bother the cheeks, lips or tongue;
  • Painless treatment, as they do not hurt your mouth and do not cause significant discomfort during your treatment.


You have seen that there are several options of clear aligners on the market, but all with the same function, which is to correct the misalignment of the teeth. And to ensure a good result and choose the ideal model, it is essential to count on the help of an orthodontist.

Before starting treatment with the clear aligner, it is important that you feel confident with the method you choose.

Consideration should also be given to the necessary care with the use of this device with regard to hygiene and feeding to avoid any damage to the device.

And don’t forget that, in addition to choosing the best option, it is important to undergo treatment with a specialized dentist, the orthodontist, in a quality clinic.

To learn more about clear aligners, contact Ensmile and schedule an appointment!