Choose Best Web Design in Geelong for your Business Website? 12 Solid Reasons

Choosing a CMS platform for your business isn’t a difficult job and it’s because WordPress has already made a big mark and taken over a large section of the online market. The platform has big names such as TED, Spotify etc., to boast about.

Today WordPress is synonymous with CMS due to its extraordinary features and functionality. That’s why the web design in Geelong and elsewhere recommend WordPress as the platform for your business.


Here are all the reasons to choose WordPress as your partner for online business-

WordPress is Simple

One need not be an expert to have a website on WordPress. Even if you aren’t a coder and have no prior knowledge of HTML, you can create a website for your business on WordPress.

The platform offers the best Web Design in Geelong and worldwide. All the instructions are in simple English, following which you can create a steller website.

Web Design in Geelong

WordPress is Safe

WordPress is the safest CMS platform. It offers password protection for folders and helps enable the SSL certificate, making your business website more secure.

Apart from these, WordPress has security and backup plugins that add layers of protection to your data. Also, if intruders hack your site, the backup plugins safeguard the data.


WordPress is Reliable

The Web Design in Parramatta and worldwide trust WordPress as a reliable platform. Leading names such as TED, Spotify, CNN, and TechCrunch are here to amp their business.

Every month around 70 million posts are produced, with about 409 million people viewing the content. Isn’t that a good enough reason to rely on a platform like WordPress that simultaneously extends convenience and reliability?  Also, this is the reach your online business shall beget when your business website exists on WordPress.


WordPress offers Unparalleled Support

There are many channels for support on WordPress. You will find a treasure of ‘how to’ articles helping perform all major and minor functions. There is also a large community on the WordPress forum.

Furthermore, you can take help directly from live support 24 hours a day. This service is from Monday to Friday. But, if you have a business or eCommerce plan, you can also reach them on weekends for problem-solving.


WordPress is Affordable

WordPress offers 3 plans, including the free one. Both the starter and pro plan offer a host of services to enhance the functionality of your business. The starter plan provides 6GB of storage and helps Google Analytics integration. It also allows your business to collect payments through donations, subscriptions, etc. There is also a professional email in this plan.

With the pro plan, you can do much more like upload videos, do SEO, run ads, use WooCommerce, and much more.


WordPress is SEO-Friendly

Yoast SEO is considered a robust tool to amplify your site’s rankings, and WordPress has it. You can use the free plan to understand this feature. Later, as you upgrade, it reveals keywords, phrases, and related terms to help rank your website.

Web design experts in Geelong and companies executives around the world suggest that SEO can make or break your online business. Hence, WordPress’s premium features can help you optimise your site efficiently.


WordPress is Multilingual

English is a global language and most online businesses happen in this language. However, if you seek local SEO, WordPress can help you there too.

WordPress supports 120 languages. Now you don’t have to worry about local SEO and can attract prospective customers in their mother tongue. There is an easy-to-follow guide on the WordPress forum that helps you navigate through language and put them to the best use.


WordPress is Customisable

Web design in Geelong and worldwide becomes so much easier with the built-in themes on WordPress. There is a theme for almost all the businesses, and all you require is to change colours, themes and fonts.

One can also drag and drop builders to create stunning landing, sales and product pages. Similarly, WordPress offers plugins to suit your business needs.


WordPress is Mobile-friendly

If your website isn’t optimised for the small screen, you’ve already lost many customers. WordPress helps you solve this problem through effortless mobile optimisation.

At WordPress, one can create responsive websites for mobiles and tablets through a few easy steps. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you connect with teams at web design in Geelong for convenient solutions.


WordPress offers Easy Upgrades

A stagnant, slow and outdated website can kill your online presence. Hence it’s crucial to update frequently. With WordPress, the task becomes fairly easy.

All you must do is open the old files and click on the edit tabs. After the requisite edits, you can publish your content and stay updated in the race. Also, WordPress adds new features just by clicking a few steps making your site up-to-date.


WordPress simplifies Content Creation

Fresh and updated content is the backbone of a successful business. When other CMS platforms make adding content a tedious job, WordPress makes it a child’s play.

With a few clicks, you can upload and publish your content. There isn’t a hassle for content editing either. The edit tab can help you make changes and re-publish your blog.


WordPress offers simple Social Media Integrations

We know the power of social media. It has a massive reach and can take your business to a larger audience. For that, we must publish content on social media too.

With WordPress, this integration happens automatically. When you post content on your website, it automatically shares on the social media handles, delivering maximum reach.


Wrapping up

WordPress is an excellent platform to skyrocket your business. All you require is the web design Geelong team to create the best site for your business and utilise WordPress at its fullest.

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