Capture Attention with Custom Mascara Boxes: Packaging that Wows

Mascara beautifies ones eyes and so the product needs to give the impression of beauty. A good packaging design is able to influence customer’s buying decisions. The visual appeal along with aesthetics is important. In the cosmetic industry which is full of competition, you need to create a strong first impression on the consumers. The brands that are able to stand out can get noticed. Custom mascara boxes can help your brand get the much-needed attention that it deserves.

If you want to do this, you need to know how to capture the attention of customers with packaging of mascara:

Know ideal clients

When you are planning how to design the packaging, it is important to keep the ideal consumer in mind. Research on what your product is, who requires it, as well as its benefits. When you know the answers to the questions, you may be able to find out who your target audience is.

You can narrow down the consumer base based on gender, age, place, as well as budget. For example your customers may mostly be female teenagers who are from the middle class. The customer base may be ladies who like to buy expensive mascara. According to this, you can design the packaging which will stand out to these people.

Brand positioning

Here you will be aiming to set your company apart from the competition. In this industry there is tough competition because you need to compete with many brands. The packaging should be liked by the consumer base.

You can observe what the competitors are doing, the way they represent their product, the way they communicate with the audience, as well as what type of experience they are giving customers. This can help you create something that will be different and stand out.

Packaging material

You will need to choose the best packaging material to make the mascara boxes from. The boxes must be strong enough to keep the mascara safe when it is being transported, shipped, handled, etc.

Packaging materials that you can choose to make the boxes from can be cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. When customers get the product in good condition, they can be more confident in wanting to buy from you in the future.

Branded packaging

Incorporating brand elements within the design is important if you want to show off your business. You can think about how you want customers to see your brand. For example you may want to give your brand a luxurious touch or a feminine one.

The branding should be memorable and help people notice your products in a store or online. You must also include your company logo on your packaging for this.

Let customers know about mascara

The packaging should let the customer know about the mascara. They must have confidence in wanting to buy it by knowing what it is. On packaging you can add details about the mascara which can help out.

Here you need to be careful because adding too many details will confuse customers. You must add the important ones which will not confuse people. For example on mascara packaging you can tell what the product is, its ingredients, warnings, etc.

Ecofriendly packaging

Brands that are not following sustainable practices can be losing customers. There are now many customers that want to buy from companies that do not pollute the environment. The packaging should be recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable if you want it to not threaten the environment.


It is better to use high-resolution images on packaging. The images you use can make the packaging look wonderful but they should not confuse.

You must opt for those images that relate to mascara. They can be those of eyes and eyelashes for instance.

Color scheme

Colors are an important part of packaging and you should research on which ones will look best on your packaging that can convey a message about your product and brand to customers. Color psychology will be helpful here if you want to know the meanings that different colors convey.

For example if you are aiming to give the impression of class and expense, you can include colors like black and gold on the box.

Your brand can attract the target audience when it designs mascara packaging boxes properly. It is essential that the packaging be sturdy so that no harm occurs to the mascara when the customer opens the box. You must also let customers know about your brand when you design packaging and what your brand stands for. The packaging design should be able to attract the consumer base that you are targeting and must be able to convince them to try out your mascara rather than the others from the competition. Use colors and images and fonts effectively so as to create something unique and amazing.