Capsular contracture: what do you need to know?

capsular contracture


The term “breast augmentation” may be well-known to you, and you may be knowledgeable about the various techniques and implants used in the procedure. At the same time, capsular contracture is a term that few people have ever heard of, despite breast augmentation being a widely known procedure.

Breast augmentation increases a woman’s breast size and shapes to enhance her figure and boost her confidence. Breast augmentation has yielded the desired outcomes for the vast majority of patients without complications following the procedure.

Sadly, complications do happen occasionally. Among the most frequent side effects is capsular contracture after breast reconstruction. Implants in people with this condition often feel painful or complicated, and they sometimes even have distorted shapes. Discover more about how to spot the capsular contracture warning signs and your options if you experience one.

What is capsular contracture?

When an outside substance enters your tissues, your immune system recognizes it. When it is discovered, a capsule is created around an intrusive object like a breast implant.

Consider it like this: Your chest muscles and skin won’t accept an implant as a natural component of your breast. Your body forms a sac or capsule of scar tissue to surround the implant to seal it off and stop it from growing, wandering or spreading.

The naturally occurring tissue that surrounds a breast implant serves a purpose. The capsule, however, has the potential to squeeze your implant if it thickens or contracts. This contracture will make the reconstructed breast painful, distorted, shift, and harden. And that is one of the frequent side effects; capsular contracture after breast reconstruction.

What causes breast augmentation capsular contracture?

Complications may come to notice after breast reconstruction capsular contracture. But to get the proper treatment and avoid such issues, you need to identify the causes behind it. Let us get a glimpse of the reasons behind breast reconstruction capsular contracture.

Cause 1: Infection due to bacteria

Due to restless surgery, infections may occur in the breast region. When the site of surgery is kept open or is not cleaned at the proper time, it becomes the feeding ground of the bacteria, thereby causing infection.

Cause 2: The condition of hematoma and seroma

Some patients often face the need to drain the excess blood so that it doesn’t get collected in the pockets of the breasts. This extra amount of blood is hematoma and seroma and is one of the primary reasons for Breast reconstruction implant capsular contracture.

There are other causes for capsular contractures, such as trauma, smoking, and radiation treatment for breast cancer. But before that, let us go through the several preventions for capsular contracture.

Problems associated with after breast implants

Many women choose breast implants for many reasons, such as increasing their boobs size, giving a proper shape or appearing evener, etc. Though this process is not considered for a lifetime, it gives people many breast implant complicationsAnd painful breast implants are one of the most significant problems of it. Apart from painful breast implants, let us have a look at the other problems:

  • The recovery period is a little problematic because it needs more time to heal the cuts in your body.
  • Breast augmentation is also a cause of breast cancer and reproductive problems.
  • Scars, creases, or folds in the implant are also noticeable after the surgery.
  •  After the surgery, many suffer from connecting tissue disease, or sometimes they get infections.
  • A breast implant can cause nerve damage to the nipples and changes the breast sensation.
  • It also reduces breast milk productivity and causes hardening of the breast tissues or shrinking tissue around the implant.
  • Breast augmentation is also caused by systemic symptoms like memory loss, brain fog, rash, fatigue, and joint pain. It causes many breast illnesses.


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