Can I use a scented soap in Ihram?

A pilgrim must enter into the state of spiritual purity, known as Ihram when performing the Hajj and Umrah. After making the intention for Ihram, the pilgrim must abide by its prohibitions. A person in the state of Ihram is known as a Muhrim, meaning in Arabic “one who has made things forbidden upon himself.” The two-piece garment worn by men is also referred to as the Ihram. Pilgrims are prohibited to do many things in Ihram, such as hunting and applying perfume. So, in this context, there is a big confusion in the mind of every pilgrim, “Can I use a scented soap in Ihram?” After reading this topic completely till the end, this confusion will be removed.

It is forbidden to use a scented soap in Ihram. Because Islamic Sharia forbids pilgrims to apply perfume in the state of Ihram. Pilgrims should avoid using strongly scented soap in Ihram, instead of these to use unscented soaps in Ihram.

Important Note:  Most people book their Umrah and Hajj Packages, but they don’t know about the rules and regulations of this journey. First, you have to know complete Guidance on this journey.

Using scented soaps in Ihram

According to Scholarly consensus, it is not permissible to wear perfume during Ihram because the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has forbidden that, as reflected in the following narration:

A man asked the Prophet (PBUH): “What (kinds of clothes) should a Muhrim (a Muslim intending to perform `Umrah or Hajj) wear? He replied, “He should not wear a shirt, a turban, trousers, a head cloak or garment scented with saffron or wars (kinds of perfumes).

 (Bukhari and Muslim)

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According to many scholars, it is forbidden to use perfume if it is typically used for its scent, even if it is mixed with another substance.

The use of perfume, including scented soap, is prohibited for Muhrim, both men and women. Anyone who intentionally wears perfume during Ihram should make Fidyah (ransom, i.e., sacrificial animal). However, if someone is ignorant of this ruling or forgets it and applies perfume, nothing is due to them.

According to Sharia, if there is a very lightly scented soap that was used, then it is disliked (makrooh). To compensate for it, a small charitable donation should be given to the poor.

Using scented soaps for having a bath in Ihram

The sacred state of Ihram forbids the use of perfumes and scents. It is advised to pilgrims use only scentless soaps and shampoos.

If someone uses soap or shampoo with a strong fragrance while taking a shower or bath, a penalty of sacrificial animal will be necessary as redemption.

Penalty for washing one’s hands with a scented soap in Ihram

In the state of Ihram, unscented soap should be used. To compensate for it, one must discharge the Sadaqah amount if they wash their hands with a scented soap while they are in the condition of Ihram. The Sadaqah amount is less than a Fidyah (sacrificial animal) and of about 2 kg of wheat or its equivalent in cash.

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What is unscented soap for Hajj and Umrah?

An unscented soap or fragrance-free soap has been manufactured especially for pilgrims performing the Hajj and Umrah in the state of Ihram. It is free from fat, artificial colouring, fragrance, and alcohol.

Using toothpaste, unscented soaps and creams in Ihram

According to Islamic Sharia, there is no prohibition on using toothpaste, unscented soaps, and creams while in Ihram. However, it is forbidden to use perfumes, lotions, or soaps with strong scents when in the state of Ihram.

Pilgrims should use unscented soap while in ihram instead of using strongly scented soaps.


When performing Umrah or Hajj, a pilgrim must enter the state of Ihram. Ihram is the most important ritual of Umrah and Hajj. During the state of Ihram, many things become forbidden for pilgrims, such as applying perfume.

Pilgrims cannot use a strongly scented soap in Ihram because it is not allowed in Islam. So, they should avoid it in Ihram, instead of it to use unscented soap. Although it is makrooh (severely disliked), there is no penalty for it. You must read the complete Guidance before booking your Hajj and Umrah Packages.