Top 5 Business Ideas For A Small Start-Up Under 100$ In 2023

Do you want to get into the business? Not all of us have the same idea of a career. While some of us want to do a 9 to 5 job, many of us dream of starting our own business and making a flexible work schedule and opportunity for ourselves. If such is the case, you can start dreaming.

You should not let a minimum budget demotivate you from starting your own business. You can start with as low a budget as $100 and grow as big as you want to in the future. If you are looking for business ideas to start in 2023, then we can help you.

Here are some business ideas that break the conventional idea of a startup. You don’t need a hefty amount to start a business. Most of the business ideas we have talked about here require as low as a $100 budget. Some of these businesses also don’t require any budget at all.

Best Business Ideas With A $100 Budget 

Here are some businesses you can start with $100.

1. Blogging 

Business does not have to require a large amount of your daily time. If you are able to earn sizable money only by working 4 to 5 hours a day, then you can claim yourself profitable. Blogging is one of the easiest ways of earning money from a small business. As a full-time blogger, you can earn thousands of dollars.

A business in blogging does not require a large amount of money. You can start with as low an investment as $100. Even students and housewives can earn from blogging. Also, if you have a niche blogging website, your earning potential also grows. For example, if you have a legal blogging site, you can aim to work with the largest law firms in the world.

Blogging does not require a lot of investment. You may already have a computer and internet connection. Setting up a blogging website does not require more than $30 in the USA.

2. Sell Services 

One of the cheapest ways of starting a profitable business is by selling services. At the same time, you can start a business relating to manufacturing a product. But that will require stocking, sourcing, shipping, selling, and much more complicated steps that require more budget.

But services require much less budget compared to manufacturing a product. Businesses selling a service usually sell a skill. For instance, if you have expertise in something, you can do business with a minimum investment of $100. If you are a lawyer, you can sell legal services. Also, as a legal consultant, you can answer your clients’ queries like – how much do accident lawyers charge?

You can also sell your writing skill, classes on specific subjects, or creative skills. The main budget in this part also boils down to setting up a website which requires as less as $100.

3. Earn From Your Hobbies

Not everyone becomes so fortunate to make money out of things they love to do. If you have a creative hobby, you can earn money from it. Many people do things for fun and passion. But, if you look closely, there are markets for all the things people do for fun or as a passion project. Many people move out at a young age to start earning from their hobby. Wait, Can You Move Out At 16 and start your business? Well, many artists do so.

If you are an artist, you can earn by creating the art that you love. Hobbyist artists, cosplayers, writers, and craft markers are earning a hefty amount of money by selling what they love to do. Smart people are turning very unconventional things into small businesses nowadays. All you need is a unique idea and skills that you have mastered.

4. YouTube 

YouTube is probably the cheapest way to start a business. If you are good at creating any content, you can start your business for as low as $50 dollars. You can create your youtube videos with your smartphone and upload them to your channel and earn.

If your content is good at attracting an audience, then you will need less time to meet the monetizing policies of YouTube and earn from YouTube. Your channel will need 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours within the time of 12 months. Setting up a YouTube channel comes for free. But you can spend on the equipment, cameras, and other tools when your channel gets monetized.

As a YoutTube content creator, you should choose a niche for your channel. Once you have chosen the type of video you will upload on your channel; you can start your Youtube career.

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5. Social Media Influencer

You don’t really need to spend anything to start a business as a social media influencer. Social media influencers need to spend more time than spending money. As an Instagram influencer or internet personality, you have to spend a lot of time building your internet audience.

Once you have developed your audience base, you can start influencer marketing and earn from different affiliation programs. Many brands and companies collaborate with Instagram influencers to promote their product and services. As a blogger or a social media influencer, you can build your fanbase and leverage your audience base through influencer marketing.

Final Words 

There are many unique business ideas if you are trying to start a business. Many of these ideas only cost around $100. You can start offering copywriting or content writing services and create a business around it. Many passionate people are creating a full-fledged businesses around freelance work. You can also start a freelancing business.

All the businesses we have talked about here offer a great opportunity if you are planning to start a business. You can consider these options, or you can create your own unique opportunities.

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