Blue World Trade Center Islamabad | Location | NOC Approved

Blue World Trade Center

Blue World Trade Center

In the near future, Pakistan’s trade industry will have a gateway thanks to the high-end project known as The Blue World Trade Center. This project, which is known as Pakistan’s first trading skyscraper, is filled with all the supplies and amenities needed for both domestic and foreign traders to expand their businesses. The trade center will also be known as the most sought-after collaborating destination, particularly for the real estate sector, outlets, and their associated business, due to its ideal location and easy access from Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The major goal of building this blue world trade center Islamabad is to create a real estate commerce hub in Pakistan with all the resources and amenities necessary to increase business efficiency and output. The purpose of this architectural wonder is to serve as a commerce center for both local and foreign businesspeople. Additionally, it will serve as a center for entertainment in the area, drawing visitors not just for business but also to unwind with their loved ones.

Developers & Owners

Saad Nazir, the CEO and founder of a blue group of firms and the chairman of a blue-world metropolis, is the owner and developer of the Blue World Trade Center. The BGC provides its esteemed clients with architectural design and construction services. The Blue Group of Companies was founded in Lahore in 1989, and after building a solid reputation, it became recognized as a capable and reliable business. This business is now operational and ranks among the top five development firms in Pakistan. The business also engages in real estate, IT, and branding building. support, commercial publishing, and real estate planning and design. As a result of the 300 people working together at once, Pakistan’s real corporation is achievable.

Blue World Trade Center Islamabad
Blue World Trade Center Islamabad

BWTC Location

The most crucial aspect of real estate investing is location. For experienced real estate investors who want to put their money where they believe it will help them get a good return on investment, location is always a top concern. BWTC’s location therefore suggests that it will be crucial to the development of both cities’ economies. From GT Road, it is simple to get there. All of the well-known Blue World Trade Center Location in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are connected to it.

The business wants to encourage environmentally friendly activities that support owners’ and investors’ individual business goals. The project enables industrial and residential development within the municipal limits and is also perfectly situated nearby Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad. Due to its proximity to the Islamabad Expressway, BWTC is extremely simple to reach from Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Blue World Trade Center Islamabad
Blue World Trade Center Location

Accessible Points Location

  • It is conveniently located amid a network of Islamabad expressways and other high-speed roads.
  • It is being developed 2 minutes drive from Bahria Town Hospital.
  • From PC Hotel, it is only 10 minutes away.
  • 15 Minutes away from Rawalpindi Railway Station.
  • Driving distance from the new airport.

Salient Features

 Some of these are as follows:

  • Wide roads
  • Huge Mosque
  • Health Facilities
  • Sport Areas
  • Commerce Area
  • Security Facility
  • All basic facilities (gas, water, and electricity)

BWTC’s Highlights Include

Corporate Offices

Employees may work in pristine, professional spaces thanks to BWTC. The corporate offices will have individual workstations, cubicles, and offices available. For the comfort of the staff, the building will have full air conditioning, and the trade centre will have WiFi in the office spaces. Additionally, they will have lounge areas where employees can unwind during breaks.

Fully-equipped Apartments

Knowing that you’ll have access to all of your daily necessities—including those that aren’t typically included in a furnished residence—on the day you move into your new apartment is reassuring. If that’s what you’re looking for, BWTC can provide you a fully furnished and fitted apartment. They will have tastefully constructed, fully furnished residences inside the twin towers, with everything one might possibly require.


A café and fine-dining restaurants will be part of this magnificent project. The structure will offer restaurant services for the comfort and convenience of its occupants as well as the local business district.

24/7 CCTV Cameras Security

Any development’s security from all entrances, which enables people to work and live in peace and security, is its top priority and one of its key selling points. The engineers will therefore take security very seriously and implement cutting-edge, impenetrable security solutions to resolve any security difficulties. As a result, a thorough security plan will include security guards, surveillance cameras, gated entrances, and much more.

BWTC Payment Plan

The Blue Group of Companies is one of the top real estate firms, although they are most known for the waterfront district, Blue World City, and the Blue World Trade Center Islamabad, three of their most successful projects.

The payment schedule for its investors is the worrying and most noticeable aspect of this PETRONAS Tower copy. It does have 23 storeys, thus the Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan for each floor may be different depending on your perspective.

Blue World Trade Center Islamabad
Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan

Blue World Trade Center NOC

Since authenticity seems to be the top aim for any corporation, the Bahria town business trade tower becomes legitimate and authentic. The immaculate twin tower offers investors a fantastic opportunity to expand quickly under one roof. The Bahria area alone demonstrates the completion of their fruitful projects. This BWTC project is the most dependable and trustworthy one, where you may receive the modern age of business hubs and portals that adhere to international standards. Phases 1 through 6 of Bahria Town are where the Civic Center is located. There you can find a number of unexpectedly opulent, magnificent business hubs.


The BGC-IGC Consortium advances the trading industry with the construction of Blue World Trade Center Islamabad, Pakistan’s first skyscraper dedicated to real estate exchange. A mixed-use revolutionary building design with all the amenities and resources, including two helipads, is the idea behind creating a property development hub in Pakistan to increase corporate functionality, luxury, and productivity. Visit our blog area to learn more about additional developments from the developer, such as Blue World City Islamabad, which are always available to you through Sapphire Properties.