Beware of Fraud Packers and Movers

Packers and Movers

The benefits of hiring renowned packers and movers have helped in making relocation easy and stress-free. However, as the demand for professional packers and movers in Hyderabad increases, there is also an increase in the number of fraudulent companies operating in this niche. The experience of getting victimized by such companies can be terrifying. People should watch out for the following indicators to differentiate between genuine and fraud companies: Unbelievably Low Prices

It is common for fraudulent packers and movers in Kolkata or any other place to quote unbelievably low prices to their customers. They conveniently fail to mention that these charges are just for transporting the goods without any security or insurance cover. The cost also does not include the packing, loading, and unloading of the goods. If customers enquire about these services, the company asks them to choose a costlier package. So, the customers should seek complete details about the facilities included in the price offered before making any commitment.

Demand For Large Upfront Deposit

Most reliable packers and movers seek a nominal upfront deposit from their clients, which is then adjusted in the final payment. It is a way of ensuring the commitment of clients and establishing a sense of trust. However, fraudulent service providers often seek a large upfront deposit in cash and make excuses for taking it through a cheque or bank transfer. So, if the packers and movers insist that the clients pay a significant percentage of the bill amount as token money in cash, it is enough to raise red flags.

Finalizing The Deal Without Proper Contract 

Professional packers and movers in Chennai rarely finalize a deal without signing a formal contract with the clients. The agreement offers complete details about the cost of services, facilities offered, packing materials used, insurance coverage, delivery date of goods, etc. It is one of the key reasons that make the fraudulent service providers avoid the process of contract signing. It eliminates any advantage that the clients have in case the services are not up to the mark, there is a sudden price change, or the goods are delivered in a broken and damaged condition. Hence clients should avoid working with packers and movers that do not offer a valid contract.

No Clarity About Insurance Cover

Almost all legitimate packing and moving service providers offer insurance coverage for moving and transporting client goods. It provides additional security against loss or damage of goods and reduces the financial burden of clients and service providers. However, fraudulent companies may charge the insurance cost to their clients but may not use the money to buy coverage plans. Thus, the customers may not receive any details of the insurance plan, and they simply trust the word of the service providers.


For every genuine packer and mover several others aim to scam the clients and make money by fraud. The best way to avoid being scammed is to exercise caution and check every detail before making the final choice.


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