Better SEO for Airbnb can lead to more bookings

Airbnb’s “if you build it, they will come” philosophy only goes so far. With over 6 million listings globally, you’re up against the stiff competition as an Airbnb host and will need to put in some real work if you want to maintain a healthy occupancy rate.

Fortunately, reaching the top is not a random chance: Airbnb’s search results reward both strategy and inventiveness in the pursuit of first place. To assist you in reaching that goal, we’ve developed a list of the most effective (and practical) of those strategies. Here’s how to enhance the exposure and booking potential of your Airbnb listings by optimizing their “Airbnb SEO.” “They will undoubtedly arrive” with this additional push.

Enhance the quality of your listing

1. Competitive pricing

When you make your listing for the first time, Airbnb proposes a pricing point that is suitable for your individual rooms, features, and general area. Additionally, our property value calculator enables you to determine the most appropriate going rate for your listing.

Assigning an acceptable value to your listing is insufficient to compete with or outperform comparable listings in your area: you must also maintain a competitive edge. While newcomers are urged to charge less than competitors until their reviews accumulate and their responsiveness is reflected in their profiles, Airbnb “vets” should strive to remain relevant and competitive. Because scraping this data is not as simple as it seems, you may save time by using Airbnb’s own smart pricing tools or an external value optimization tool such as BeyondPricing, Perfect Price, PriceLabs, or Wheelhouse.

2. Keep your calendar current.

Maintaining an up-to-date schedule is one of the simplest methods to improve your Airbnb SEO. The apparent rationale is that maintaining on top of your listing’s availability guarantees that all of your available dates show on the Airbnb market, which you should do anyway to avoid missing out on prospective reservations. Additionally, Airbnb’s algorithm classifies hosts who update their schedules on a regular basis as both active and responsive. And with Airbnb, diligence really pays off — active and responsive hosts are rewarded with priority placement in the search ranks, which results in an increase in requests.

If your calendar is already precise, you can simply block off future days and instantly release them (as a kind of “nudge, nudge… I’m here” to Airbnb).

Airbnb hosts who keep their calendars up to date are 70% more likely to get booked.


If monthly updates may boost bookings by 70%, imagine how advantageous daily updates will be for your Airbnb SEO. This kind of participation would seem to take a significant amount of time and effort on your part, but what if it didn’t? Sophisticated technology will automatically update your calendar each day, allowing you to rely on our automation to take your listing that next step.

3. Ensure that you take excellent photographs.

They assert that nothing is free, yet they are incorrect. In some locations, Airbnb provides complementary professional photography sessions for properties that meet specific requirements. Therefore, if you are a match, go for it. Not only can well-photographed listings attract more reservations naturally, but the sleek Airbnb watermark automatically optimizes your listing’s SEO. Win-win.

4. Enhance adaptability

One strategy for increasing the number of views on your listing is to set the minimum stay length to one night. The purpose of this section is to demonstrate the listing’s adaptability. The more search variations your listing fulfills, the more often your reservation will show in the results.

5. Maintain an up-to-date and clean listing profile.

Consider the search phrases that are likely to be essential to your potential visitors and use them in your title and description. Consider any enticing city-specific keywords, such as significant monuments, tourism attractions, and local events. The more precise the search phrases that match the information in your listing, the higher the results your listing will show.

6. This moment, activate Instant Book.

Instant Book is another technique to demonstrate your listing’s adaptability and hence match more focused visitor queries. Allowing visitors to book their Airbnb quickly without awaiting your pre-approval may even introduce you to a new market: tourists with stringent planning deadlines. Additionally, some Airbnb users go so far as to restrict their search results to immediately bookable homes. Who is now laughing, approval-seeking hosts?

Enhance your profile

1. Establish street repute via reviews

Reviews (particularly favorable ones) are the simplest approach to boost your Airbnb SEO naturally. Excellent reviews are the foundation of a successful listing, and the aura of confidence that comes with a large number of positive reviews nearly guarantees more bookings and better search ranks. While this is not an angle that you can pursue alone, there are methods to expedite the process. Following each guest’s stay, swiftly post a review and request that they reciprocate. A strong set of references will also help legitimate your postings, so reach out to everyone who can assist.

2. Complete your profile information.

Just as reviews help develop your Airbnb reputation by demonstrating that you’re a trustworthy host, a thorough profile does the same thing. A completely completed profile, according to Airbnb, indicates active hosting, and the more active you are (and the more seriously you take the Airbnb process), the more you deserve to appear at the top of search results.

Assemble (in detail) each component of your listing and Airbnb profile. What you’re exhibiting here is that you’re invested and accountable enough to welcome visitors. Bear in mind that no profile section is omitted.

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