Best Tips How Passing AWS Courses Specialty Exam In 2023?

I recently completed my AWS Courses Specialty exam. I am sharing my experience, study tools, study resources, and the process I went through with you. These suggestions will assist you in passing the exam. Let’s get started!

  • This exciting test lasts 170 minutes.
  • It is priced at 300 USD. If you’ve got coupons/vouchers, you can apply for this.
  • The exam consists of 65 questions that are multiple choices or multiple answers.
  • You can take the test by using the Pearson Vue testing center or online test proctored.
  • This is just an advisory, not a requirement. However, you are still able to prepare for the test.
  • It is essential to understand AWS as an architect of solutions. It is, therefore, necessary to acquire AWS
  • Solutions Architect certificates before taking this test.

Check out the AWS Documentation on the Exam

To obtain this exam, you must go through AWS Courses information about the test. These documents provide general information regarding the examination, the content, and some sample questions. For the sample questions, I completed two queries on day one of my studying plans, and following that, I also worked on questions before the day of the exam. This helps you understand the progress you’ve made.

Practice with Examples of Questions

It is essential to practice. There are a lot of questions on different sites, but I’ve observed a lot of incorrect or outdated answers (AWS alters a lot of its services or adds information each year.) It is, therefore, essential to find clear and accurate test examples. My most useful examples are AWS Training module questions and Whizlabs. There’s a test for free in case you’d like to try it. You are free to take this test if you decide to purchase the test. If you buy it, you will receive four complete exams including unique exam practice questions.

What AWS Services Should You Know The Most?

It is a comprehensive and challenging security test, so you need to be familiar with all of AWS’s security services primarily. Based on my personal experience, I recommend that you know AWS KMS, AWS IAM, AWS Organizations, and AWS networks, monitoring and logging concepts as well as services like AWS CloudTrail, AWS VPC Flow Logs and more in every aspect. In preparation for the test, all the whitepapers covering security-related services must be studied. Make tiny notes to be able to recall anything quickly. Also, it’s essential to test labs on each of them. It’s better to learn something rather than read about it.

My Comments and Suggestions for You

I have a few other AWS certificates. However, this is one of the toughest. I’m a Cloud Security Engineer and familiar with the basic cloud security and cyber security concepts from my university days. However, on the exam, there are a lot of detailed and lengthy questions regarding AWS security features.

Many of the questions have several responses, with examples of scenarios, which is why utilizing these services in your work or training is essential. It would be best if you practiced with every security service available in AWS and ISTQB.

If you don’t know the fundamental security concepts, you must learn them all, including encryption and hashing techniques, algorithms, and encryption concepts in transit/rest.

To help you study, I suggest you answer every test question over and repeatedly. It is essential to be aware of every question in the practice tests. It’s not a requirement that you should memorize all the questions. However, it is crucial to understand the reasons behind this choice. It is essential to understand the concepts.