Best Roblox Simulator Games With Pets 2022

Roblox’s beauty lies in its ability to provide enough games to keep you entertained for long periods of time. Simulators are some of the most popular games. Some of these simulator games recreate popular pop culture themes, such as anime fights and space exploration simulators. These games have one of their most distinctive features: the ability to have pets.

The Best Roblox Simulators With Pets

These simulator games include pet-friendly features that are very popular.

  • Animal Simulator
  • Pet Store Tycoon
  • Pet Swarm Simulator
  • Pet Show Dress Up
  • Roblox Pet Zoo
  • Pet Ranch Simulator 2
  • Pet Legends
  • Tapping Zones

Animal Simulator

Animal Simulator goes beyond the traditional “collect pets until they are happy” approach. Instead, you can play with any of your favorite animals in the animal kingdom. You can pick any animal you like, fight other animals, or level up your character by traversing the environment and fighting. You can fight bosses as you advance through the game. Animal Simulator is a great choice if you are looking for something different than usual.

Pet Store Tycoon

Pet Store Tycoon is one of the most enjoyable Roblox games. You can manage your own pet shop with many different animals. Trade them, make money, and build an empire. This game is so enjoyable because you can take care of your animals by walking, feeding, and playing with them.

Pet Swarm Simulator 

You play the role of the main character in the story about your pets, making this more of an adventure than a simulator. You must defeat the evil wizard in the end to save all your pets. You will encounter many enemies as you progress through the story. These enemies can drop eggs which you can hatch to unlock more pets. The Pet Swarm simulator is a great game that many people love and return to often.

Pet Show Dress Up

Pet Show Dress Up’s main goal is to help pets compete in talent shows. You can choose a pet and groom them so they can participate in talent shows. As you rise up the ranks of pet show manager, winning multiple shows will help you build your reputation.

Roblox Pet Zoo

You can channel Steve Irwin in this game and collect wild animals for your huge zoo. This game is a great way to build a business. You can collect as many animals as possible and earn more coins than the other players. Roblox Pet Zoo, one of the most popular tycoon games, is great fun to play with your friends.

Pet Ranch Simulator 2

Pet Ranch Simulator 2 is a smaller version of the original game. It offers many mini-games that you can play with your friends. This game features a new feature, collecting pets. Raising pets can help you make money. The more pets, you have, the more you can make. You can manage your pet empire so that you and your friends have as many pets as you like.

Pet Legends

The game’s structure is extremely detailed. You start with one pet, and then you move on to the next. You can upgrade your pets as you progress through the story. Additionally, you can collect money to buy more pets. You can climb the leaderboards by exploring the game and becoming a skilled pet manager. The game is very popular and gets regular updates. These updates include new mechanics and pets. Pet Legends is best enjoyed together, so bring your friends!

Tapping Zones

Tapping Zones is a great game that requires you to tap continuously in order to move forward. You can purchase eggs as you progress through the areas. These eggs will hatch into cute pets, which can help you tap more, give you bonuses, and generally be very helpful and cute! This game is very similar to Cookie Clicker and other incremental clicker games. The appeal is obvious when you see the constant updates with new content.


Small animals are called pets and they can be your companions while you play your favorite games. Some games even have a special focus on pet collections, such as a Pokemon trainer. This list is designed to help you choose the best Roblox Simulator games with pets. It will allow you to spend quality time with your pet and have fun.