Best Live Chat Software For Small Businesses in 2022 – CLICK2MAGIC



Do not be struck at thinking small businesses with budget constraints won’t succeed as big giants do. Today’s big giants were a small team yesterday. Success doesn’t depend on the size of the company and a huge budget but on the right strategy and the right tools.

In addition, customers play a key role in the success of any business. Focus on customer support service and improving customer experience. To make this happen, harness the power of live chat software for your small business. Generate high profits with low investment by incorporating the right customer support tools like Click2magic for your small team.

Click2magic is the best live chat software for small businesses. You can get the enterprise-grade features in its free plan and it is tailor-made for sales, support, and marketplaces. This live chat app enhances chat agent and customer communication and collaboration. Reach out to your customers proactively and support them on time.

When a customer or website visitor has a question/query, complaint, issues with your product or service, or requires assistance, they expect to contact your company via live chat support service. So, if you are done with live chat download and integration it with your website or mobile apps, and it will be easy for your customers or website visitors to reach you conveniently without hassles.

Now, let’s have a glance at its features that makes communication and collaboration with customers seamless and effective and makes your small business grow faster.

  1. Canned Responses:

Canned responses play an important part in making customer journeys more engaging, whether for sales, support, or marketplaces. You can create unlimited canned responses as you want. It helps you reply to the customers’ common queries or FAQs quickly and save precious time.

  1. User typing:

Click2magic’s live typing feature allows you to view what your customers or website visitors are typing in real time so that you can answer them fast and efficient.

  1. Agent Monitoring

Businessmen can view and monitor all chat agents and their conversations with customers or website visitors in real time. It helps them analyze the efficiency of the chat agents and improve the areas where they are lagging.

  1. Chat History

Chat history or transcripts acts as a record of the whole agent-customer interaction, including the customer information and time stamps for each message delivered by the customer/visitor and agent. This chat history can be viewed by all the members of the team so that they do not rely on other chat agents if they want any information regarding customer concerns.

  1. Widget Customization

You can customize the view, themes, and color of the chat widget based on your preferences.

  1. Rating and Tagging

This free live chat app allows customers to provide their valuable feedback through rating after the conversation with chat agents is ended. Also, chat agents can tag all the chats. It helps them categorise and organize all the chats thus making the chat window clutter-free.

  1. Auto transfer

Chats can be transferred from one department to another automatically. In other words, chat agents can route or transfer chats of the customers to other chat agents who can deal with the issues related to customer queries.

  1. Categories

This super live chat allows chat agents to define and categorize the lead status. Also, they can delete or modify the status whenever they want.

  1. CRM Integration

CRM software and live chat are the best blends that can do wonders for your business. Integrating CRM into live chat helps businesses manage the customer data stored in CRM software.

These are to mention a few. You can upgrade your live chat service plan or buy add-ons to avail yourself of more features based on your business requirements. It has affordable business plans. In addition, apart from the aforementioned features, this online live chat is easy to use and implement. Chat agents or representatives can transform the visitors and into loyal customers, nurture them, improve conversion rates, boost sales, thus they can gain double ROI.

So, wait not to leverage the benefits of this super live chat for your small business.


To sum up, live chat is reliable, faster, and cost-effective than any other type of customer communication like phone, email, and social media. That is the reason live chat software has become an integral part of every business. Make your small business grow faster with customer support software like Click2magic.

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