Best Bhai Dooj Gifts For 2022

No matter how much they fight, and irritate each other- Siblings always have each other’s back. The bond shared between a brother and a sister is very weird as they never show how much they love each other, but they are always there for each other. Bhai dooj is celebrated across India to honor the bond shared between siblings. Sisters pray for the good health, long life, and success of their brothers on that day. Surprise them with Bhai Dooj gifts! and brothers, in turn, promise to protect their sisters from every obstacle. 

On the auspicious day of Bhai Dooj, women dress up in their best attire, and, sisters create a seat for their brothers using rice flour. On the brother’s forehead, tika is applied, which is made up of vermillion, curd, and rice. After that, the sister places money, betel leaves, betel nuts, and flowers in her brother’s hands while pouring water on his hand. A Kalawa is then tied to the hand, and the sister performs the aarti and prays for the best for their brothers. 

Over the years our festivals have witnessed changes. Amongst all the changes, the most significant change has been in the exchange of gifts. Sisters look for the best Bhai dooj gifts for brothers, and make sure they come up with the perfect option. Well, in order to reduce your stress we have composed a list of top Bhai dooj gifts for your loving brother. 

A Vintage Watch 

A watch is a timeless gift option. A classy watch enhances your persona. A vintage watch can be a perfect Bhai dooj gift for brothers. Your brother would absolutely love to add a sophisticated watch to his collection. You can also teach him the importance of time in life with this symbolic yet classic gift option. 

Running Shoes

We all end up putting on weight around the festive season- and Bhai Dooj is celebrated around the fifth day of Diwali. And if your brother has gained a few inches around his waistline because has been struggling to reduce those extra kilos- a pair of running shoes would be a perfect Bhai dooj gift for brother. Gift him a vibrant pair of running shoes from a good brand and surprise him with this Bhai Dooj. 

A Stylish Blazer

Bhai Dooj is celebrated during the fall season in India. Gradually, winter creeps in and the perfect time to flaunt our jackets, blazers, and vibrant winter wear is here. You can opt for a stylish blazer, the one he had his eye on and wishlisted on his favorite online shopping app – as a Bhai dooj gift for brother. Trust me, he will start jumping with joy on being surprised by you. 

A Classic Pair Of Boots

Boots add a very different kind of charm to your look. If your brother loves dressing up and is obsessed with different types of boots- What could be a perfect Bhai Dooj gift other than a pair of classy boots? You can observe his taste and preference and opt for the perfect pair of boots he has been looking for for a long time. This Bhai dooj gift option is a bit pricey, but a good pair of boots are a long time investment. You can either buy it from an authorized store or you can look for the perfect boots online. A good pair of boots do elevate the ensemble look. 

A Pair Of Aviators

Aviator glasses are a perfect match for your brother if he never leaves home without a pair of glasses. Aviators and sunglasses are loved by everyone. These are the most easily accessible Bhai Dooj gift options. You can even go ahead and personalize the glass cover with his name or initials printed on it. He will be surprised to get such a Bhai Dooj gift that he can flaunt in front of his friends. 

A Grooming Kit

Last but the least- men hardly take care of their skin, hair, nails, beard and the list goes on! If your brother comes under the same category- a grooming kit that contains all his personal favorite stuff like a trimmer, after shave lotion, a nail cutter, face scrub, beard wax, aromatic oil and etc is the finest Bhai dooj gift. Give him a grooming kit and teach him the importance of taking care of himself.