Best Amazon Kindle e-readers: Which one to buy in 2022?

Gone are the days when we all used to have our little library filled with hard-cover books. As time passed, digital devices took over everything, along with hard-cover books. It has become so apparent that you can see every other person holding a kindle in their hands instead of a book. This palm-size library brings together all the books, and you can take them anywhere on this planet.

And if you are a millennial, you might wonder what a kindle is. Well, you can consider it a digital library with a twist, and we will tell you why. Because a kindle can store over 200 books in it at a time. This can be a game changer for a generation who can hardly take the time to read. But what about book writing services? Well, for them, it’s not less than a treasure.


What will you be Reading? 

The best part about this article is that we are about to tell you some of the best Amazon Kindle e-readers. Plus, this will also assist you in figuring out what kindle you should get in 2022! Hence, stay with us till the end of it. But before that, let’s shed some light on the relationship between a man and machinery.

Man and Tech! 

Technology has always been a man’s best friend and worst enemy. And with that being said, we don’t find it hard to digest. As you can witness yourself, we used to be more productive before electronic devices. But on the other hand, if you handle tech wisely, it positively impacts everything around you.

Kindle models are no different than any other tech device. Besides, it can be a low-end deal for those who can’t buy more than three books at a time. Getting yourself a kindle e-reader is as same as taking help from a cheap eBook writing service.

Some of the Best Amazon Kindle e-readers! 

Below, we mentioned the top four Amazon Kindle e-readers you should try this year. The list includes affordable, water-resistant, and top-picked options suggested by avid readers. So if you want your kids to develop a healthy reading habit, then this piece of writing is a guide for you.

Kindle for kids

Since we mentioned kids, we suppose we should start from there. The good thing about this model is that it might say “for kids,” but it’s certainly not! And by that, we mean everyone can use it after turning off parental control. This worth $109.99 device comes with a cute case, just in case your kids want something extra. Plus, with this affordable Amazon Kindle for kids, you also get two years, no-questions-asked warranty.

Further specifications include 8GB base storage along with 166ppi resolution. The only downside of this kindle is that it’s not waterproof like others. Especially if you have it for your little ones — you know how kids can sometimes be. Apart from that, it’s also not a bad deal for students.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite signature addition 

Talking about kindles and not adding the signature paperwhite addition won’t be justified, right? So the second best we have on the list is the Amazon kindle paperwhite signature addition.

So this one is quite reliable in terms of features and battery life. However, some people still find the cheaper version of the following model worth buying. Anyhow, we’d still suggest this model if you specifically want a sharp 6.8-inches to display with automatic brightness control.

Furthermore, this signature kindle model has a wider display compared to the old one. With its solid performance, excellent battery life, and wireless charging, this model is by far the most trending one. But for some reason, its automatic brightness is not liked by everyone.

Kindle 10th Generation 

So if your budget is a little tight these days, we still have something for you! And it’s the Kindle 10th generation. The only thing that can be a deal breaker for e-readers is that it’s not waterproof. Umm, but you will not take it with you to the swimming pool, right?

Anyways, the reason why this 2019 model is still on the list for 2022 is that it’s inexpensive. Besides, it has a six inches e-ink glare-free display. Plus, its front light helps you continue reading at night since that is readers’ favorite thing to do. This Kindle, the 10th generation model, has base storage of 8GB.

And the most interesting thing about this model is its incredible battery life. Charge it once and use it for four weeks. Plus, its eBook editing option gives writers leverage to make changes in their books directly.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids 

Just in case you are wondering if the paperwhite model comes for kids or not. Well, it does! And this time, this kindle paperwhite kids is waterproof. Yes, you read that right! The following model has several features just like the signature version. But the kids+ subscription only lasts for a year, which many people consider a con.

However, it has good battery life, it comes with a case. Adults can also use it just like kids with some parental control options. Moreover, it has a warm light so you don’t have to compromise your kids’ eyesight. Another good reason for buying it in 2022 is its flush design with a bigger screen. Now the question is, is it worth buying? Well, it is for sure. Apart from all the specifications mentioned above, it helps your kid develop reading habits from a young age!


We hope this brief review of the four best Amazon Kindle e-readers will help you pick one for yourself. One more thing that we would like to mention here is that the list does not end here. There are so many other Amazon kindle models that need recognition since each one of them is doing its best.

We used to hear that readers are leaders, and now we finally understand why. Reading not only builds one’s perspective but also enhances the personality. Therefore, make sure, you build a family that loves reading!

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