Benefits of Working with Alternatives of UK’s Top Food Distributors

Are you looking for a food distributor in the UK? When it comes to food services distributors, there are many well-known food services distributors in the UK, like JJ food service, Bidfoods, and Brakes. They are the best and top wholesale distributors in the UK. They have some policies so they can’t give you additional services. Working with them, you may achieve many benefits, but if you work with some relatively small business distributors, you may get extra benefits and services. This article will mention the benefits of working with the alternatives of the UK’s top food distributors.

Benefits of working with small food service distributors in the UK

There are several benefits of working with the alternatives of the top distributors. Here we mention some of them.

Less Prices

The prices of these distributors are comparatively lower than top distributors. Because they have a relatively new setup, they usually have less profit margin. And they are a small business than the leading companies, and they pay less tax than them; that’s why their prices are less than the top distributors.

Easy Refund Policy

The top companies have strict refund policies, but their alternatives have comparatively lenient policies. Because they are new and want good customer relations, they have more lenient policies than the leading companies.

Give extra services

They want to extend their market, so they offer extra services to their customers to make a good relationship with them. They deliver the product to the customer’s doorstep no matter how extra miles they travel. and give some other services that the leading distributors can’t.

Offer Promotions

These distributors offer their customers different kinds of promotions and discounts to make good relationships with them.

Special customercare

They are not big businesses, so they give instant feedback to their customers. If the customer has any query regarding the product, delivery, or anything else, they instantly fix the problem.

Alternatives of UK’s top food distributors

Many food service distributors operate in the UK; some are at the top regarding food distribution companies. They are the best, but because they are on top, there are some drawbacks to working with them. Working with comparatively small companies, you may get additional benefits. Following are the 3 alternatives of the top food distributors in the UK.

Pentagon Food Group

Pentagon Food Group is a Well-known distributor in the UK but is a medium size business. Pentagon food is a project of Khan Group and was established in 2007. They have ample capacity to stock the UK’s most popular frozen, chilled, and ambient brands. They have over 8,000 Pallets Ambient and 2500 pallets of Frozen and 600 Pallet Chilled Storage capacity, and they provide their service products to Takeaways, Fast food outlets, Dessert Parlors, and Chips & fish shops. Pentagon food group services in HoReCa Chanel in the Midlands and Northwest. Their Prices are comparatively less than the other top brands, and because they are a medium business and want to expand their market, they provide extra services. They are the best alternative among the leading distributors in the UK.

Quayside Wholesale

Quayside Wholesale is another best alternative to the top distributors. They delivered high-quality, frozen, and non-frozen products with free country-wide delivery. They are working on the motto of ‘Tomorrow’s Bargains Delivered Today. They supply the best products at the best price, backed up by a quick and efficient delivery service.  Their business has overgrown from the roots on Newcastle’s Quayside. They have 2,400 customers. Quayside Wholesale now distributes over 45,000 cases of frozen and grocery products weekly from Gateshead. Customers do not have to pay any additional fees. They have competitive prices, offer reliable delivery, and put the customer first.

Central Foods

Central Foodservice mission is to be a dedicated frozen food specialist, offering a “one-stop shop” exclusively for the food service sector. Central feeding is another alternative to top dividers. They add extra value to their services and go the extra mile to cater to their customers. Engage fully with each manufacturing partner regularly. Return all calls and emails promptly. They supply a mixed pallet with multiple pallet drops to over 240 independent delivered wholesalers, prominent national and regional wholesalers, and large end-user caterers throughout the food service industry, delivering over 64,000 cases per week. They offer more routes to the market than any other supplier in the sector. The range comprises over 400 product lines, from burgers, sausages, savoury suet puddings, and desserts to poultry, free-from, vegan, vegetarian lines, and hand-made canapés. They bring products from Holland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Thailand, China, Vietnam, the USA, Denmark, Sweden, and Belgium.


Many food service distributors are working in the UK. Some of them are on top. There are many benefits of working with them. But working with relatively small distributors, you may achieve additional services and benefits. Because they are relatively new in the market and want to extend their market, they provide you with further assistance and benefits. So, you must consider the alternatives mentioned above of the UK’s top food distributors when selecting the distributor for your business.