Benefits of using Converter Kit – Bidet Attachments

We will talk about the importance of using a bidet for your health. Bidet installation can be expensive, and for that reason, we will introduce you to an alternative, the Bidet Converter Kit or Bidet Attachment. The best Amazon products are at the bottom of this text. We hope you find this text helpful and that you will easily decide which product from Amazon will suit you best.


A bidet is a repository or a bowl designed to be sat on to clean the human genitalia, anus, inner buttocks, and perineum with the help of water. The current variety contains a plumbed-in water stream and a drainage opening, making it a plumbing fitting subject to native hygiene guidelines. It encourages personal hygiene and is used before and after sexual interaction and defecation. Today, bidets are a law requirement in every bathroom with a toilet bowl in many European countries.

Converting toilet to bidet

Ever get tired of stretching your hands to reach for a tissue ? Bidet and water are relievers on that issue and an excellent replacement for tissues. Moreover, Google Pixelbook 12in bidets play a huge role in preserving the environment and saving you money. If we all install bidets in our bathrooms, there will be no need for tissues saving the millions of trees cut down to manufacture tissue papers and the money we recurrently spend on buying them. Plus, it’s much healthier to use water for hygiene than toilet paper, because even the softest paper is rougher than when you rinse your body with water.

Bidet is a French word-pony and is believed to have been a French furniture invention in the late 17th century. However, there is no exact inventor or date of invention. It is perhaps associated with the bourdaloue and chamber pot.

Ancient antecedents and initial purposes of bidet are alleged to include use for contraception which in today’s contraception standards is considered ineffective and has been replaced by pills.

In 1928, John Harvey Kellogg applied for a manifest on an ”anal douche” in the United States. He used the word to define a system similar to what is currently referred to as a bidet nozzle attached to a toilet to execute anal cleaning with water.

In the early 1980s, an electronic bidet was introduced from Japan, with various names like clean sense, infinity, galaxy, and novice and non-electric ones like Gobidet.

Benefits of a bidets

Maybe you thought tissue papers were the best in latrines for hygienic purposes? How wrong you were, terribly wrong. But you cannot learn that until you try a bidet. This item has endless advantages for your hygiene, pocket-wise, and much more. Read along for more details about the benefits of using a bidet and water over the tissue paper. After going through these highlights, we believe you will think again about its raven gadgets.

Provide better cleaning and personal hygiene

Remember the residues on your skin even after using the dry toilet paper? So pathetic it feels. We can’t say that we have not been hygienic while using the toilet paper; no, all we are saying is we deserve to improve to the new standards, but how?

Installing a bidet system in our bathrooms is the best answer to that. Unlike dry toilet papers, a bidet does not leave any residue on your skin after use. Instead, it makes you feel refreshed and incredibly clean. The uncertainty feeling is entirely varnished and sets your mind free. The bidet uses water to clean your anal parts, leaving nothing to chance. This means when you wash your anal parts you can remove all bacteria thanks to water. It is time to start enjoying the experience and say goodbye to any remaining residue on your skin by installing a bidet.

Help prevent Pruritus Ani

Dry skin is often painful and leads to being uncomfortable. Ever experienced dry skin in the anal area? If yes, that is a feeling you are always afraid of, and if not, try as much as possible to avoid it. It causes soreness, itchiness or bleeding, and skin tear in the last part of your body you would want to worry about. That is called Pruritus Ani.

When suffering from this problem, anything rough, let alone hard, would worsen the whole experience. You will be uncomfortable visiting the latrine moreso it worsens if you use dry toilet paper. This is where bidet comes in as the perfect solution provider. The bidets will solve all these Pruritus Ani problems and make you feel a bit comfortable.

If suffering from this problem, water will ease the pain and help heal faster, and if not suffering, it will help prevent the invasion.

Help prevent hemorrhoids

Another problem that is almost similar to Pruritus Ani but affects the veins by swelling. Maybe you have seen a friend, workmate, or family member giving excuses for not taking a seat, or even if they sit, they are uncomfortable. That is, sometimes a sign they could be suffering from hemorrhoids. It is the last experience you could want to go through.
The problem becomes prudent during excretion, and want to make it worse by using dry toilet paper? Don’t even answer that. Avoid all these by installing a bidet in your bath. Help prevent and cure hemorrhoids without straining by using a bidet.

Help in treating and preventing constipation

Constipation is a problem we all have to deal with at given times. Thanks to the bidet, you can prevent or treat- if suffering from constipation. Bidet pressure can stimulate and relax the sphincter muscles, leading to a more effortless bowel movement. Other health problems caused by straining from constipation are rectal prolapse and anal fissures. Take a step and set up a bidet in your bath to prevent all these risks.

Can treat the dreaded UTI infections

Bacteria cause these UTI infections in the urinary tract. Cleaning the area to clear and avoid bacteria is not a piece of cake. That is why you need to have a bidet that cleans the place thoroughly, specifically with a front cleaning feature that cleans from front to back.

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