Swimming with lifeguard requirements is very favorable for the joints, the muscles and with the correct practice, it provides us with greater flexibility. In addition, it positively benefits our motor skills and coordination.

keeps us younger

It is scientifically proven that swimming can help improve quality of life. Although it is impossible to avoid aging, swimming significantly delays its development and thus we can stay young.

Develop our motor skills

It is known that swimming, being a sports activity, involves the coordination of our limbs and facilitates breathing. For this reason, our body is constantly alert, which is why it helps to have a better balance and a more efficient and faster reaction time.

Helps improve memory

It is because the breathing exercises that are put into practice when swimming oxygenate the brain in a better way. In addition, with motor coordination it contributes to creating new neural ties.

Helps maintain an ideal weight

It is an extremely complete exercise, helping to burn more calories. The explanation is because the water causes our extremities to make a greater effort to move.

Our body becomes more resistant

Swimming helps us develop a much larger lung capacity. This is because we acquire a greater capacity for anaerobic resistance. It also has an impact on strengthening bones.

Provides more flexibility

The exercise we do when swimming gives us elasticity and flexibility, since we use our extremities, thus allowing us to have greater mobility when exercising our joints.

Benefits the cardiorespiratory system

Swimming helps us to strengthen our breathing, because we use breathing exercises that have a positive effect on our body, which causes greater lung capacity and our brain is oxygenated.

Relieves and prevents back pain

Many specialists recommend hydrotherapy to heal conditions caused by muscle pain. For this reason, one of the areas that benefits the most is the back, since swimming decreases and increases the positive flexibility of the lower back.

Improves our blood circulation

It has been proven to be beneficial for the circulatory system. When swimming, each organ of our body receives a light massage and activates the blood, which is why it causes a feeling of relief in the body. Swimming is a perfect exercise for those who suffer from circulatory problems and varicose veins.

Pleasantly relax

It is considered a relaxing exercise, when we swim our muscles make a positive effort, so they tense. This process causes the muscles to relax and rest, giving us a feeling of lightness and well-being. Like any other physical activity, swimming awakens the appetite, thus helping us to stay in shape to tone our muscles.